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Dating gibson electric guitars

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Thank You --I've been getting an overwhelming amount of emails and comments for gibson guitar serial numbers , specs and info .

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Jazz musician Charlie Christian, who would establish the electric guitar as an instrument with its own unique voice, thought so.Domenic : Due to the overwhelming amount of comments on this blog i cannot answer all the questions although id love to .You can still post questions hopefully some of our viewers can help you out ...This was obviously a guitar way ahead of it's time, and cemented the new role for the guitar in a jazz orchestra: as a leader and solo instrument.Previously to the electric guitar, the modest volume of an acoustic guitar made it unsuitable for a solo role.These types of numbers do not actually stick to a pattern.

As an example, electric guitars designated up to 42440 will be from 61, however a guitar using the number 042400 will be from 67.

Gibson introduced the distinctive hexagonal pickup on a lap steel model in late 1935.

The pickup was installed on an F-hole archtop guitar, dubbed the ES-150 (ES for Electric Spanish), and the first one shipped from the Gibson factory in Kalamazoo, Michigan, on May 20, 1936.

The 1st digit will be the year of creation; the other digits will be the production number.

You can even look for a 2nd number on the headstock backside of guitars built earlier than 1961. The Factory Order Number will include in it, a letter, which will refer to the year, after which a 4 digit number then a 1 or alternatively 2 digit number.

The actual headstock pitch for Les Pauls produced from 68 to 73 had been 14 degrees; headstock pitch on others had been 17 degrees.