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We thought that if it’s just joke after joke with no heart at all, it would be tiresome.So we did purposefully try to put a little bit more heart in there than, say, we did in .

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When Pete and I moved out to LA, we had another friend from Rhode Island, a guy named Rob Moran, an actor who is also in the movie.Rob said ‘Hey, my buddy Woody’s coming over,’ and then we met. We knew him before he even got the role on We had a lot of people pass on Dumb and Dumber, including Woody.We learned a valuable lesson about the casting process from that. She had the exact right edge on her that we wanted. We wanted somebody who could really blow Woody away. I’m sure we read a lot of people for it but she was really the only one we wanted.The jokes are still crisp, the performances crackle, and there’s even a true beating heart beneath all the jokes about bull-milking and Randy Quaid’s dinner plate-sized nipples. When we finish a project, we just kind of see what drops into our laps.developed a cult following soon after it landed on video, but looking back 20 years later, that seems like an injustice. As Bobby and Peter Farrelly ready their first foray into the world of TV series–, and where they went right. Sometimes, in the case of , someone says, ‘You should read this script [by Mort Nathan and Barry Fanaro] that’s been sitting around for a while, it’s really pretty funny.’Bobby Farrelly: Pete and I were working with Motion Picture Corp of America, the company that helped us make .He was a fellow Rhode Islander who had gone out to LA to try his hand at acting.

Rob and Woody had spent a little bit of time together in New York, so when Woody moved out to LA, he called Rob.

But I can’t even remember what was there and what wasn’t.

BF: We learned an awful lot on , and we liked the people we worked with.

Obviously Jim Carrey was the perfect guy for the role, so it’s not the first guy you think of but it’s almost like the universe has a hand in it, fate takes over. BF: The Last Detail is the performance we had in mind when we cast Randy Quaid.

We thought jeez, remember how good he was in that movie?

’ And we thought, ‘Well, we just have to get that kind of sincerity out of the guy,’ and then he delivered it in spades.