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Terrence howard who is he dating

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23."It depends who you are, who you play, what your character is," said Howard Bragman, a veteran Hollywood publicist and vice chairman of

(Luis Gomez)"Terrence Howard is going to get beyond this," he said.The pair's tumultuous relationship included several reconciliation attempts even after they were officially divorced in 2013.Howard testified that he twice threatened to harm himself to preserve his relationship with Ghent, telling her at one point he would swallow a bottle of pills if she broke up with him and on another occasion that he would throw himself off a balcony after they fought over him kissing actress Jennifer Hudson on a movie set.Within the span of a couple hours last week, Howard shifted from tearfully recounting threats Ghent made to him to leak private information, including years of phone sex conversations with other women and a video of him dancing naked in a bathroom, to bristling at questions that focused on his arrests.The actor told a judge that he feared the release of the information at the time would have ended his acting career.He denied abusing Ghent, testifying that if he hit her it was in self-defense and he had never choked her, as she has alleged.

Lewis did not hear Ghent's version of events because her attorneys did not file a sworn statement from her before the hearing."I regret that I'm not hearing from her," Superior Court Judge Thomas Trent Lewis told her attorneys.

The hit series comes after some lean years for Howard.

Despite an Oscar nomination for 2005's "Hustle & Flow" and a role in the original "Iron Man," but was replaced with Don Cheadle in the sequels.

Twentieth Century Fox, which produces "Empire," has asked another judge to figure out whether the actor or his ex-wife is entitled to more than $50,000 of his earnings from the show.

is a bonafide hit — its ratings just won’t stop climbing and we can’t get enough of the Shakespearean-meets-hip-hop drama.

"I think it can be personally humiliating, I think it can be embarrassing.