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Then, they would step back and the others would jump in and begin a feeding frenzy piranhas . It appeared that the Lappet-faced got pissed and literally jumped on the backs of the smaller birds who would scatter a few feet. Sometimes, the smaller birds would start crowding in and the Lappet’s would start running them off.

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We came upon a few local tribesmen who live in the national park. I didn’t hear clicking when he spoke to Innocent as we would have with Xhlosi.She tried to get a Wildebeest calf but was boxed out by whom we suspected to be the calf’s mother.Innocent was using Jenny’s camera and got a great video of the chase.It was about AM and we suddenly saw a porcupine-Africa’s largest rodent. As best he knew, she hadn’t eaten in at least a day or two. A Side-striped Jackal drove her away from some other Oribis.We sat and watched her as she sat under a tree on a small mound. After lunch and a rest, we went out again and watched the Cheetah as she hunted. She was spotted by a wildebeest herd as she approached so she departed.Carol quickly put on her brakes and the chase was over. A Cheetah needs to be within 50 meters to have a chance for killing.

They spotted her when she was about 100 meters away. She continued hunting but then drank from a pool and then rested.

During the day, we saw a group of men from the village within the park who were going fishing.

This is a multi-day “bonding” experience for the younger men.

Even with double paned windows and our sound apps on both phones going at full blast, we could hear the music and backbeat 🤨.

The airport is being renovated by the Chinese company, Jiangxi.

The scene was like a lion trying to drive away 20 jackals from a kill, it would never work out. In any event, in 10 minutes, the carcass was only skin and bone and all the larger vultures left. As we started back for lunch, Innocent sited a Cheetah!!! She has a GPS collar on and that allows researchers to follow her movements, albeit well after she’s done her thing. For that reason, researchers are out daily patrolling for predators of all kinds.