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The 640 or so students in one Shelby County, Texas, school district are getting an extra couple days off.

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And a holiday Monday means students in the elementary, middle and high schools will not return until Tuesday.We try to assess what is happening on the other side of the border and how that will impact the Iraqis...options so that they can interdict or disrupt ISIS as they're moving across the border into the western parts of Iraq."Shreveport police say a body was found in an alley Wednesday afternoon.The body was found just before noon in an alley behind Sunlight Baptist Church on Arlington Avenue between Laurel and Maple streets.Over the weekend, News Channel 5's Lydia Magallanes caught up with Colonel Brian Sullivan, commander of 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division. Sullivan, who is in Iraq, gave the following update on the brigade's deployment so far. We are currently arrayed pretty much all over the north, central and west Iraq.We are working with our Iraqi partners to maintain pressure on ISIS.La Darrell Cortrell Washington Jr., 19, of Shreveport, is being held in Caddo Correctional Center on a charge of aggravated assault with a firearm, which is a felony.

Robert Carillo, 56, was released after being issued a summons on charge of simple battery, a misdemeanor.

And as Iraq approaches its national elections in may ISIS is going to do everything it can to discredit the credibility of the government of Iraq." "They're right there with the Iraqis and we're strategically located across the country...helping them find ISIS as ISIS cells are trying to reorganize..throughout we're providing the training and logistic support that they need..that going forward they can stand on their own and counter these internal threats and maintain enduring stability for their country." On advising Iraqi partners: "They have a pretty good human intelligence network but they need our help with kind of the broader intelligence enterprise.

So we're helping them with intel, we're advising execute operations and likewise, we're providing advice on how to train and professionalize their army and their security forces." On the brigade's movement in Iraq: "We continue to shift based on the needs of the Iraqis.

The government of Iraq has significant work to do to clear just a massive amount of IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) that litter the country.

They're also busy trying to restore water, health, electricity to all the people that have been displaced by the trying to disrupt those efforts.

Mosul for the most part, particularly in the west has been completely destroyed.