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Multicultural speed dating

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A daunting set of words to have as goals for any museum program or exhibition.There’s been a lot of ink spent on the protests surrounding this event already, and I’m including the links below of some of the interesting reads.

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The original intent of the kimono-selfie-prompt was not malicious, but it certainly seems to have suffered from an insufficiency of forethought.Here are a few quick and easy ways to do that: Have a Tumblr? A lot of museums and libraries have gotten into publishing fun stuff from their archives and collections, visitor images and videos, and even staff-created music videos on tumblr.I recommend just poking around the museum tags until you find some that appeal.So tell me what you think: why are selfies as prompted by Museum Hack ‘okay’ (if they are)?What other kinds of gallery-disruption do you favor or dislike?” at Museum Questions Thinking, again, about this as a program design, there’s not a lot to criticize here. I would argue that audience participation is always enriched by the chance to interact with a museum educator.

Could some of the issue been averted by having an educator in the space? (This is where I am not putting my thoughts on how all museum staff, regardless of department or background, should spend a certain amount of time per month on the exhibit floor, because that’s a whole different post waiting to happen.) Should museums have a stated policy their staff can refer to about the things they will or will not accept as ‘leave-behinds’ for display? After all, most museums will remove random scribbles and profanity from their comment books; if the National Park Service has refused to let their concessionaires sell merchandise with the Confederate flag on it, that’s enough back-up for me.

The MFA is in the same boat as the presidential candidates at this week’s Netroots Nation event; they happen to have provided a stage for people who haven’t had one.

That the MFA is planning on leaving open that space and continuing the discussion is great.

Remember that post I made a few weeks ago about Creativity in the Workplace?

Authors Rainey Tisdale and Linda Norris ran a related networking and creativity event at the USS Constitution Museum last week in cooperation with the NEMA-YEP group.

Who doesn’t want neat and beautiful art and animals and whatever on their screen every day?