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Gay blind dating

I'm a filmmaker from Boston, and currently, I am working on a screenplay exploring the sexual identities of people who cannot see.If anyone has any information about how the blind determine their sexual orientation, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] a lot My name is Thea.

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And though some of the postings are from a while back, I wondered if anyone has any luck, advice or information on sexual identities of people who cannot see.Just like those who are sited sexuality and the blind person(s) can possess some universal traits and simular experiences, but a person's (blind or sited) sexual attitude, prowness, preferences, skills and e.t.c.are a unique combination that is individual to each and every our personalities are.i know a gal who got a bump on her head a few years back. she still has a powerful sex drive for men, quietly at mid age.If you do happen to have any links/advice or help, please let me know at this email [email protected] Ray My last post was made as a statement, but what I should have posted was a question, one of the questions I have been asked is, am I concerned of passing the genetics of blindness to my children, there is a huge gap between the sighted and the blind regarding perceptions of what it is to live with blindness, I so much want to bridge the gap so my children do not have to through what I did, I currently do not have any children, but would like some of my own one day..that of the majority of blind and visually impaired, but rather from my own personal experiences.

The greatest obstacles to the blind and visually impaired, are the perceptions the sighted world have, changing perceptions, one perception at a time.

someone ought to discuss blindness due to trauma to the head.

I am adding on to my last post after reading this page.

All people judge the physical attractiveness of a person, it is the measuring stick of how healthy a person is mentally, physically, spiritually, financially, of every aspect of a persons life, I would hazard to guess the blind and visually impaired are no different, however I believe they see attractiveness in a different perspective, the question about attractiveness is a complex, and very much a individual thing, but I will mention one aspect, in the all American dream holly wood has created, the man is to bring home the bacon, provide for the family, the blind man is at a disadvantage in the modern world of climbing the corporate ladder, there are many obvious reasons for this, ever seen a blind man be issued a drivers licence, a mandatory requirement to climb the corporate ladder is the mobility that can only come from having a drivers licence, the opportunities passed by because of the lack of minimum requirements in a visually obsessed world, in turn effects the attractiveness of a man because of the lack of success, creating a perception of weakness, the whole cycle perception = attractiveness leads to attractiveness = perception is rubbish, the sighted world needs to get off they’re high horse and stop being so ignorant and pig-headed.

These are just my opinions, one person in a sea of people, I do not assume my opinions reflect.

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