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Conservative christian dating services

Some may argue that going down a liberal path would take the Anglican Communion too far away from the teachings of the Bible.They are probably right, but Christianity has already evolved a lot since the Bible was written.

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The Communion is faced with a dilemma: embrace liberalism and risk alienating many Anglican communities from the developing world or court those same communities and become out-of-step with 21st Western liberal valuesay marriage and abortion are the prime hot-button issues but others include sex before marriage and the role of women in the clergy.Simply opting for more of the same for the sake of unity amongst a diverse Communion – some of whose views differ little from ISIL – is a choice of quantity over quality Embracing liberal Christianity may actually halt the fall in the Church of England's congregation numbers as well.Religiosity may be declining in the UK but it does not have to be this way.Perhaps if the Church's teachings were more in-step with the population at large that would in turn lead to more churchgoers.ith atheist "churches" springing up around the country, it seems as if there is still a demand for communal gatherings with music and singing.s it time for the Church of England to come out of the closet as a fully-fledged liberal institution and reject the less inclusive elements of Christianity? While the Church's General Synod has voted not to “take note” of the bishops’ decision that holy matrimony can only ever be between one man and one woman, they have thrown the whole matter back into the long grass for a few more years of indecision.

ow, I cannot claim to have seen the Light of the Lord – I am agnostic.

For example, Deuteronomy commands that "You shall not wear a material mixed of wool and linen together", while Exodus states that those who work on Sundays should be put to death. What counted for social liberalism 25 years ago now borders on conservative.

Even on something as heinous as slavery, the message is mixed. In another 25 years the liberal attitudes of today will become the mainstream. Perhaps the Church should take a tough line on its less progressive elements: get with the times or get out.

Instead of preaching about sin and the wrath of God, the message is mostly one of love and tolerance - "love thy neighbour as thyself".

The same can be said for the Episcopal Church, the American constituent of the Anglican Communion, which ordains women and LGBT people.

You don't need to be a Christian to recognise this.