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Let me explain the MS to world: Stop sending money, we have enough - was Re: Most ... Project Monterey -- virtualization experience starting Jan1968, online at home since Mar1970 I had done some analysis of CVE reports (in part support for my merged security taxonomy & glossary) ...can't run Vista time spent/day on a computer The Perfect Computer - 36 bits? back when they were still being handled by Mitre (at the time, I had asked some of the Mitre people if the reports could follow a little more structured reporting; at the time they said they were lucky enough to get people to fill them out at all).

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Microminiaturized Modules Old-school programming techniques you probably don't miss My Vintage Dream PC And, 40 years of IBM midrange big iron mainframe vs. reference to NIST calculating that buffer overflow drops to 20% (over the previous 4 yrs) not so much that the number of buffer overflows has dropped, but that other exploits have increased (so buffer overflows are smaller percentage of larger pie).x86 servers Have you ever though about taking a sabbatical? I've repeatedly mentioned that buffer overflows are related to various C language programming characteristics. "Portable" data centers "Portable" data centers While watching Biography about Bill Gates on CNBC last Night Happy DEC-10 Day using an FPGA to emulate a vintage computer LPARs: More or Less? Handling multicore CPUs; what the competition is thinking How many mainframes are there? TCP/IP stack implemented in various other languages have had almost none of the buffer overflows that appear in C language implementations (aka it isn't impossible to have buffer overflows in other languages ...I'm currently reading Bing West's recently published book "The Wrong War" point is periodically made about various (To Be) officers being extremely "risk adverse" since blemishes on the record can block promotion. "Peter Principle" can imply that the incompetent getting promoted, may not be actively involved in the promotion decisions (almost passive with respect to the events); Boyd's To Be or To Do has more of the sense that incompetent have been actively campaigning for the promotions.The corollary involves individuals that spend the majority of their time & effort actively involved in "career management" (their nominal responsibilities and business taking a backseat).we did some work with a large public utility 15 yrs ago ... which resulted in RDBMS efficiency for things like ATM transactions ... The result was that it was fairly people intensive to do a schema ... leading to large proliferation of different mission-specific RDBMS in large organization. related to the upthread reference to converting the internal network to sna/vtam ... To be fair, this did result in a sleeker, faster VNET in the end, but at a considerable cost in material and in human terms. re: If IBM Hadn't Bet the Company fast track especially became epidemic in the later half of the 80s. Usage: Don't hold that meeting tomorrow afternoon - it's a virtual Friday. When new deli moved in across the main plant site ... this is a real bummer, plant-site substation is being turned off for the three days and also Los Gatos lab. Anybody have a machine that will be up and running???? but it requires an extra virtual machine(a "service" virtual machine which runs PCTERM and interfaces to PVM). IBM Watson's Ancestors: A Look at Supercomputers of the Past mentions powerparallel SP2 with up to 128 nodes announced April 1994. part of old press item here, SP1 to be deliver by YE92 11May92 early Jan92 meeting in Ellison's conference room discussing 128 processor cluster by YE92 and SP1 press item barely month later 2/17/92 old email mentioning cluster scaleup the last one email from above was possibly just hrs before project was transferred and we were told we couldn't work on anything with more than four processors as part of ha/cmp product effort recent x-over mid-80s "processor cluster" reference in the (greater ibm) "Is email dead?

they claimed to have over 6000 RDBMS where possibly 90% of the information was common. and increased as the different types of data increased. These frequently could have large amount of common data ... It somewhat complimented the CEO's projection that the revenue was going to double from its $60B ... for period the back room had my name on it and we got pitchers of Anchor Steam at half price. Date: 05/13/83 From: wheeler re: friday; cc: friday; Nice that the sun shines around here ... For those that attended the Boyd pitch on Monday, I have the foil copies. Even we can figure out what he was talking about, we might be able to get things straight so if we heard it again ... Date: 05/13/83 From: wheeler It wasn't a rule that speakers have to speak in YKT before SJR ... " discussion more detailed supercomputer list: A senior corporate executive had been the sponsor of the Kingston supercomputing effort ...

mentioned in this old post as well as doing a lot of work in the area of high-speed data transport ... ) in order to retain an advantage over the end users.

and working with the various entities that were the likely candidates for the NSFNET backbone. The schemes employed can be so perverse that they defy belief at times. Invisible decisions taken by members of some board or committee, usually with all-too-visible results.

First recorded in 1965, but popular as ever in the 1990s. It somewhat complimented the CEO's projection that the revenue was going to double from its $60B ...

and there was massive building program going on to double manufacturing capacity (and I guess "fast track" was attempting to double executives? However, in the mid-80s, it was clear that hardware was becoming increasingly commoditized and the business was starting to move in the opposite direction (in a few years the company was to go into the red) fast track also has overtones of Boyd's To Be or To Do ...

however I had done the support for RFC1044 and in some tuning tests at Cray Research, I could get full channel thruput between 4341 and a Cray, using only a modest amount of the 4341 processor (possibly 500 times improvement/reducation in instructions executed per byte moved). past posts mentioning having done the rfc 1044 support for mainframe tcp/ip product misc. I'm guessing that that's just within one or more applications, rather than generally.