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It was 10 years before, when I was at their place on a vacation, I realized that she is having some kind of flirtious nature as her neighbour used to chat and spend long time with her.My doubt was cleared on the occasion of holi and its next day.

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She spent some time around and asked me to give some shampoo and all and went inside the bathroom.She must be having a figure of 36-30-36 by that time. Fair skin and sexy long hair falling till her wide butt adds to her sexiness.She is more like a sex goddess to me, who taught me the real meaning of enjoyment and sex in my life.I am fortunate to experience a thrilling sexperience which is still on.Today I am sharing this with all of you guys how I have romanced and fucked my aunty, who is my chachi and now she is complete randi and staying with me and leading a incest and bold life.In the mean time three uncles were using their respective skills to paint her face, neck, hands, and also back side of blouse, which was almost open due to deep cut.

She is now completely coloured in green/red/black in shades and her hair is painted with barnish colour.

She was wearing a light pink cotton saree with a sleeveless blouse and all her hair tucked.

When she was drawn she was laughing and the ladies made her stand there and started smearing colour on her.

And we’d like to see that smile while you’re still in our office.

Author:bullonmove Friends I know who ever are going thru the story should be a porn lover.

Awesome, what a scene that was, and suddenly I saw that other ladies are now playing holi with my uncle and one of them came to me and used some colour on my face.