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Updating my dell dj

updating my dell dj-23

Just view this page, you can through the table list download Dell DJ 2 drivers for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP you want.

My creaky old Tiny Computers laptop bought in 2003 and gigged for 2 years then retired when the screen screwed up.Once i had purchased an extended warranty, BUT a typo prevented me from actually being given something i paid for. Maxtor 'One Touch' 500GB external USB hard drivemp3 database and video database on external drive only Latency was set at Auto (11ms)Updated with all of Dells latest Studio 1535 drivers.They wanted to refund me what i spent and offer me a lower priced not as nice warranty and if i wanted what i should have had it will cost me even more then it would have originally. I said you F'd up and will give me what i paid for!!! The regular reds were not causing skipping or dropouts, but, there are random reds hitting the top of the display that do.New asset agents deployed will pull warranty information within 24 hours.Due to the large amount of existing Dell inventory tracked by Samanage, we expect it will take approximately 2 months to update these warranties.Had to switch to my backup Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop (bottom pic) while I had a mix CD playing, took nearly 20 minutes!!! Will see what Dell have to say tomorrow, might have to talk to a solicitor yet!

Does it make a difference if it runs on the battery vs. The downside of Dell is your pretty much on your own, their support sucks!!!! The only thing they can do for you is replace a part if need be...

My only recourse seems to be to send in an email with screen dumps of my 3 laptops to show the huge difference and attach a copy of DPC Latency checker or point them to the website to download themselves.

This pic was taken a few minutes ago, the peak was when I switched on my wireless network card.

We’re excited to announce that we have restored the ability to retrieve Dell warranty information via our asset management agent!

We have already released this fix and no action is needed on your end.

Long story short I got what i wanted but it was 2 hours of lost life. Had no sound drops for 3 weeks (11 hours gigging per week).