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I think sometimes he masturbates and he said he thinks about sex sometimes when he isn’t with me.I read somewhere I could see it in his eyes if he was happy after sex - but I looked and I couldn’t tell.

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Writing them down can help remind you that they’re important and nonnegotiable. Avoid getting so drunk or high that your judgment may fail you. Make safer sex part of sex, rather than something that interrupts sex. First take your time with low- or no-risk activities, which can help build trust and communication (and also feel really good). If you have a history of sexual or other abuse and feel this interferes with your ability to be safe, seek the help of a therapist, counselor, or support group to assist you in your healing and to help you select partners and sexual settings that make you feel comfortable. Choose partners who don’t put all the responsibility for safer sex on you. Don’t feel bad about yourself if you find this difficult.While you may notice some physical changes during sex – for example genital wetness, skin flushing/darkening, breathing getting quicker and so on, this doesn’t happen for everyone.Setting store that there are definite tell tale signs someone has been satisfied can be misleading.For example, put on male or female condoms together. Look for partners who are comfortable putting safety discussions on the table. Work toward being able to talk more candidly about sex and sexual health with friends and partners. Many of us were taught that talking about sex isn’t romantic or that nice girls don’t.But we can, and we do — and it gets easier with practice.All of which brings us to what you mean by ‘satisfied’. Alternatively it may be you might want to focus on your own confidence or communication skills.

We usually link ‘sexual satisfaction’ with ‘have I given them an orgasm’? When people worry about if they have satisfied a partner they may be worried about other things such as: • Am I desirable enough? Which you might address via courses, workshops or reading books on confidence and assertiveness. A lot of people do, whether they are in a relationship or not.

When you’re having sex they may experience orgasm, which is usually the thing people take as the indicator sex has ‘finished’ and been ‘good’.

Although that’s not always a reliable guide, since it’s perfectly possible to enjoy sex without orgasm and you can have an orgasm without the sex being all that good.

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