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He has readers examine their own sexual fantasies and ask, “How do the people populating my fantasies relate to me? In your sexual fantasies, you tend to take center stage. It is the world where all the characters are you-centered and play to your desires.Smith calls this habit of fantasy “playing god.” “No matter how widely your fantasies may vary,” Smith writes, “in every instance you play god with people.

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Instead, I choose to not retreat into the world of fantasy but put my energy to good use.” With each moment of arousal, take it as a new cue to do something productive: pray for someone, call someone, write someone an encouraging e-mail, engage in a project that blesses someone, physically exercise.That said, here are some critical questions I would ask you regarding your personal habit.If it is for you, then it is wise to avoid masturbation (Matthew ).Can anyone offer a biblical response to this that will not just brush it aside like something simple? I can’t make myself not get an erection, so I’m not sure what to do.” – Emanuel of masturbation (that is, the solo kind) labeled a sin.It is my opinion, therefore, that the physical act itself should not be the focus of our attention when it comes to asking about what God thinks.This is your body’s reminder that you are a sexual being, but your appetite for sex needs to be weighed in the balance of God’s design for sex.

This is difficult because you’ve built up a habit that when you become aroused, your brain immediately begins sending signals that it’s time for masturbation.

I don’t mean to be crude or anything…I’m just not sure if this is sinful and if it is harming me. One guy says to pray and stop because it’s lust, which means sin.

The other will say it is a natural reaction to sexual attraction, plus she is going to be your wife.

“I have asked several pastors/mentors/friends about masturbation and whether it is sinful or not.

I do not watch pornography, however, sometimes when I wake up and have an erection I will begin thinking about my fiancé sexually and masturbate.

Don’t wait to figure out what those things could be until the moment of temptation, but plan your “escape route” beforehand.