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Is dating a different race a sin

Some believe that even humans and animals are liable to be destroyed by Holy if they are judged a danger to the Planet.

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Materia allows the holder to access the Lifestream's knowledge and power and channel it, manifesting as "magic".Lifestream acts as an afterlife for the conscious spirits of the Planet's inhabitants.Certain souls remain sentient after having returned to the Planet, and gain control of the Lifestream, becoming able to affect the physical plane from within it, and even able to communicate with those still living.Those who die and hold a resilient will and attachment to the living world in a place of negative disposition can return as ghosts and evil spirits.The novella Hoshi wo Meguru Otome expands on the purpose of the Lifestream, equating it to an afterlife with a concept of Heaven and Hell.This is most evidenced at Midgar, where the Midgar Wasteland is barren of life.

The air and water in Midgar are polluted, although it may be the pollution of the reactors themselves and not a result of the Lifestream being drained.

In places where the Lifestream is close to the surface it may rarely erupt from fountains that become known as Mako Springs, and coalesce into Materia.

Areas abundant in this type of energy are known as being especially verdant.

Spirit Energy is the Planet's immune system, flowing to and healing scars.

If the Planet is in danger of being destroyed, it summons the Omega to destroy the remaining life on the Planet so it returns to the Lifestream, and takes the Lifestream itself, launching into the cosmos to find a new planet on which life can exist.

The Cetra called being in communion with the Lifestream as "talking to the Planet".