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Cm error while updating java lang numberformatexception

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Hive Exception: Hive Runtime Error while processing writable org.apache.hadoop.dynamodb. Map Operator.process(Map at org.apache. Exec at org.apache.hadoop.mapred. Map at org.apache.hadoop.mapred. Map Old Mapper(Map at org.apache.hadoop.mapred. Map at org.apache.hadoop.mapred. Dynamo DBObject Struct Field Data(Dynamo DBObject at org.apache.serde2.objectinspector. Number Format Exception: For input string: "17664956244983174066" at

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Web Sphere V7.0 and Web Sphere V8.0 along with the underlying Java 6 used in Web Sphere V8.5 are going End Of Service in April 2018.

For more information, please review the announcement at: VOJCQ.

the url for the blank page is https://:8443/ccmadmin/show The CLI is frozen after the above message is displayed.