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” Kosinski said to Business Insider, adding, “I’m willing to take some hate if it can make the world safer.” AI technology appears to be hyper-capable of learning all sorts of information about a person's most intimate preferences based on visual cues that the human eye doesn't pick up.Those details could include things like hormone levels, genetic traits and disorders, even political leanings — in addition to stated sexual preferences. The same facial recognition software that sorted gay and straight people in the study could also be trained to mine photos of faces for signs of depression, for example.

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Kosinski said it's not clear which factors the algorithm pinpointed to make its assessments — whether it emphasized certain physical features like jaw size, nose length, or facial hair, or external features like clothes or image quality.The millionaire co-founder of Gaydar, the world's biggest online gay dating site, has plunged 23 floors to his death from a balcony a decade after his partner died the same way.South African Henry Badenhorst crashed through a glass canopy and landed on a waiting limousine after falling from an exclusive serviced apartment in Michelangelo Towers hotel, Johannesburg.The human face says a surprising amount about what’s under our skin, and computers are getting better at decoding that information.“If these results are correct, what the hell are we going to do about it?(The study didn’t include those who self-reported as ‘bisexual’ or daters with other sexual preferences.) People were furious about the news, which was first reported in The Economist.

"Stanford researchers tried to create a ‘gaydar’ machine," The New York Times wrote.

The program found that gay men and women tended to have gender-atypical facial morphology, expression, and grooming styles.

That means that both their chosen features and their biologically determined features are less like straight members of their gender, and often more masculine in women and more feminine in men.

It comes ten years after the 51-year-old business and life partner Gary Frisch died in a fall from the balcony of a building in south London.

Henry Badenhorst was found dead outside the luxury Michelangelo Towers hotel in the Sandton district of northern Johannesburg.

This algorithm then calculates how the facial features correlate to different sexual orientations.