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Kaede meets Jyunpei when she falls on him from a tree trying to rescue a kitten that later climbs down itself.Kanako stops wearing her make-up and she becomes popular with Tokiwa's male students.Kanako is very forceful and often gets Jyunpei to purchase her food and merchandise at his own expense. Kanako has a younger brother named Toru, who is dating Jyunpei's younger sister.She exhibits yandere tendencies as she becomes jealous if another girl gets too close to Jyunpei. She tends to bring the family's female black cat, Noir, who has a bit of a prima-donna attitude, wherever she goes.Some of this attitude is due to how Kotone's father practically ignored her and gave her common cat food while lavishing attention and gourmet cat food on Tama. She, along with her sister, know that Jyunpei is cursed.Kaede is Jyunpei Kousaka's classmate and crush who is initially oblivious of his feelings for her. Despite loving cats, her family owns four dogs, and cats tend to avoid her as she not only carries their smell, but gets overenthusiastic in handling them.

This is mainly due to her only having experience with the big dogs her family owns and not realizing that cats are much different creatures.

To complicate matters, he accidentally destroys the statue of a cat deity, and to atone for it, he must make use of his new-found ability of communicating with cats to fulfill the requests of one hundred cats.

If he does not atone properly, he will be transformed into a cat, and die due to his allergy.

She has a rare condition where she gets drunk from drinking soft drinks, which seems to give her romantic-like, lesbian-like, affectionate feelings towards other girls including Kaede and Kanako. She has a male longhair cat named Josephine, who speaks in Kansai-ben accent and wears a small cape.

Her cat is "married" to her older brother's female cat. She, along with her sister, are the daughters of the Buddhist monk in the temple behind the cat statue Jyunpei that broke.

Furthermore, should anyone find out about the curse, not only will the curse get stronger and enact faster, but the person who found out will become more unlucky and accident prone, such seen when Akari told Jyunpei that she knew he was cursed and almost fell down the temple stair.