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This booklet in its printed, online and video editions is an important step in that direction. Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Fraud is a crime that threatens every Canadian, regardless of their education, age or income.Scammers use a variety of devious tactics to defraud unsuspecting victims, such as imitating well‑known brands online and using deceptive claims to entice consumers through telemarketing, emails or social media.

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However, Graham’s article is about i OS, whereas mine related to questions asked regarding OS X and Safari (citing advice from Thomas Reed that also addressed other browsers). None of them can figure out why she hasn’t sent in her yearly dues yet. These 6 are all from the same direct marketing firm: Response Unlimited. Make sure you opt out twice: Do not rent my name, No More Mail.According to a variety of resources, this will get rid of a persistent pop-up of this type: Graham also offers a quick guide to blocking pop-ups proactively.Apple suggests a number of proactive measures worth considering.This booklet outlines many of the most common types of scams, and lists the contact information of fraud-fighting agencies that are there to help.

I believe in a Canada that is a nation of innovators, one that is aware and unburdened by the high cost of fraud in both the traditional and digital economies.

The Competition Bureau works to protect all Canadians by cracking down on deceptive marketers and ensuring consumers have the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions.

Our aims to increase your awareness of the many different kinds of fraud that target Canadians.

We are pleased to bring you the first Canadian edition of The Little Black Book of Scams.

We hope this book will increase your awareness of the vast array of scams that target Canadians and share with you some easy steps you can take to protect yourself.

It provides tips on how to protect yourself and debunks common myths that might allow fraudsters to gain your trust.