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Breast feeding dating relationship adult

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Usually, though, Big Bill, a 450-pound biker and bouncer from the Troubadour (who died a year later from a cocaine overdose), would come over and eat all the hot dogs.

Of course, we could afford (or afford to steal) important things, like hair spray, because you had to have your hair jacked up if you wanted to make the rounds at the clubs.A holy terror had been unleashed on Los Angeles' Sunset Strip, which, thanks to the fistfighting, cross-dressing, Jack-guzzling antics of Mötley Crüe, soon became ground zero for glam metal.With their second album, "Shout at the Devil," Mötley Crüle brought the Sunset Strip scene to the world, beginning a long string of anthemic bad-boy singles with "Shout at the Devil" and "Looks That Kill." With success came women, drugs and self-destruction.The neighbors complained about the smell and the rats that had started swarming all over our patio, but there was no way we were touching it, even after the Los Angeles Department of Health Services showed up with legal papers requiring us to clean the environmental disaster we had created.The bedroom Tommy and I shared was to the left of the hallway, full of empty bottles and dirty clothes.We each slept on a mattress on the floor draped with one formerly white sheet that had turned the color of squashed roach.

But we thought we were pretty suave because we had a mirrored door on our closet. One night, David Lee Roth came over and was sitting on the floor with a big pile of blow, keeping it all to himself as usual, when the door fell off the hinges and cracked across the back of his head.

We called her that because she had a face like a moose.

But Tommy, even though he could get any girl he wanted on the Sunset Strip, would not break up with her.

They fucked each other's girlfriends, took drugs with the best of them and were so out of control on tour that their road manager would handcuff them to their beds.

More than any other band, Mötley Crüe came to epitomize Eighties decadence, and all its pitfalls.

The kitchen was smaller than a bathroom, and just as putrid.