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Dating ground

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Dr Lim sums up, “Have a good rapport with your kids by spending quality and fun time with them, as well as communicating openly, honestly and empathetically with them ― this will encourage them to be more open.“Sometimes, it’s as simple as listening more and talking or nagging less!”Photos: i Stock Like us on and check Smart Parents regularly for the latest reads!

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Here are seven dating practices parents could outline to their offspring:1.Keep to the curfew Apply a curfew ― so that they can show you they can be trusted to follow the rules and be back by an agreed time.Even though Singapore is relatively safe at night, anything might happen.Plus, the closed door will make it is easier for teenagers to get, well, carried away...Dr Lim states, “Whilst teenagers are entitled to their privacy, they must also be accountable.” And if your child wants switch on the air-conditioning in sweltering Singapore, Dr Lim suggests that junior leave his/her room door slightly ajar.6.Says Dr Lim, “The most important thing to consider before letting a kid start dating is his or her maturity and sense of responsibility.

Usually around the age of 16, a child will be mature enough to go on a date.”Even if junior is able to make many decisions on their own, he or she still needs you to set boundaries, so they know how to behave.

If he or she knows they’ll be delayed, they should inform you, so you don’t spend the entire night worrying about them.5.

No locking of room door when your date comes over Closing and locking the door when it is just the two of you in the room can give others the wrong signal.

”At the end of the day, stay involved and know what’s going on in your child’s life.

Setting dating rules will help them learn about making good choices and building healthy relationships.

Have zero tolerance for abuse Whether the mistreatment is physical, emotional or verbal, abuse is a big no-no.