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The nerve fibres in these centres react by telling blood vessels in certain areas to open up or dilate.

She suggested treating me with nerve-block injections to reduce the frequency of the attacks and relieve the pain.Dr Nicola Giffin is a neurologist at Royal United Hospital in Bath.She says: Migraine is caused by a disturbance in nerve centres at the base of the brain, which makes sensations that are not usually painful - such as light, sounds and smells - suddenly seem painful.The pain - always in one area on the right side of my head — feels like my head is being crushed, and I want to bang it against a wall just to stop the agony.The nausea and intensity of my head pain is so overwhelming that I am often violently sick throughout an attack.I could tell they didn't understand and didn't approve of me taking so much time off.

Migraine affects the whole body - not just the head.

My GP was sympathetic, but I felt I had to soldier on alone.

Before I gave up work, I found it hard to explain my condition to colleagues.

The first injection was effective within just a couple of days.

I now get on average just two migraines a month - a massive reduction from before.

By my 30s, the attacks were monthly, and looking after a young family made it very difficult as I could never simply go to bed, even though I was desperate to.