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Dating for golfers

"Golf is the ultimate gentleman's game, and women crave a gentleman," Helen Fisher, Ph.D., Match's chief scientific adviser and biological anthropologist, said in a press release.

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That means golfers have both great people and parenting skills.They are: one surprised to find out so many women find golfers uber-attractive.To be totally transparent, golf is one of two sports I turn on when I need something to put me to sleep, not something I tune in to in order to get turned on.Who wouldn't want a gracious, elegant, honorable and financially stable squire?"Not only do women seem to seek out golfers, according to the dating site, but men who select golf as one of their interests are 33 percent more likely to find dating success on compared with those who don't.Thankfully we’re here to help with a list of ammunition you can use to remind your better half how lucky they really are to be dating a golfer…

If you leave your birdie putt short on the 3rd, we know you’re likely to send your next attempt flying past the flag on the 4th.

"Golf is also a social game [and] one rarely plays alone, so golfers tend to enjoy social situations and have people skills.' …

Golfers can pull themselves away from the desk to relax; they have a passion; and they have enough money to enjoy their passion.

Members have the option to join in on 'Singles Golf Events'!

On these days you will play a round of golf with other members that are compatible with your profile.

Once you have joined the online singles club, you can browse through the other members online.