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Adult chat line operator introductions

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In 1998 a simple idea of connecting private sellers with buyers via the internet was born.

Our team approach includes innovative brokers (who are members of the Canadian Real Estate Association) to connect you to*, professional appraisers, an appointment booking service, the very best real estate lawyers in the country, and our PGPros - making selling without an agent painless and more convenient than ever before. Is your requested area available or are you willing to relocate?It all starts with completing our "Inquire Today" form on This website.Once you send that to us our franchise team will call you to answer your questions, outline available opportunities and make sure that you are a good fit for our organization.Our franchise team will match you up with franchisees with similar backgrounds who have volunteered to make time in their busy schedules to speak with potential franchisee candidates.As a new franchisee, what will I need to get started?At this stage we officially WANT you in our franchise family and we are excited to award you a Property franchise.

The next step is to work out the franchise agreement - it's now time to talk turkey!

We do have some franchise operators that were real estate agents though - and now they've chosen to own a Property franchise instead of being an active agent.

If I'm interested, how does the franchise award process work?

We are North America's largest, most respected, and fastest growing private sale franchise network.

Over fifteen years ago, Property pioneered the assisted private sale concept.

Depending on your level comfort and knowledge, the complete process can take as little as 30 days, but it's really driven by the level of your interest, and how many candidates we have looking at a specific area.