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(Sonny Souto Band) Ivan Jerman Ivan Squires Ivan Witt Ivor Bayliss Ivor Young I was ship's Boilermaker on the Iberia 68 -70, (the famous split fuel tank 1st class baggage room episode).Then Canberra in 70 (was relieving the great DP Lloyd boilermaker) then a couple of swings on the Chusan for 2 months. I was married on the Orcades in 72 in Fremantle and you can guess the engineers and one or 2 deck guys had a bit of a happy time (if they remember) as the grog was all free.

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Add Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody to your Steam wishlist and send a screenshot to yeahjamfury [email protected] a chance to win a copy of the game! He married the gorgeous Jeannie Applegate who was a cruise hostess and entertainer/Singer on the Princess ships. Euan's email address is [email protected] Eula was with Princess Cruises from 1989 until 1998.This is Elmer now at 80 years young and is still playing the Bass and singing. Elmer can be contacted through Jeannie's email address. She sailed on the Island Princess, Pacific Princess, Star Princess, Royal Princess and Sky Princess as Shop Manager and still keeps in close contact with Dave Harbinson and a few more.(aka Hotpot) Hilary Wheeler Ho Kou Ping Howard Bird (aka Dickie) Howard Chergwin Howard Franklin Howard Kelly (aka Ned) Howie Poole Iain Mackinnon Iain Reeves (aka Jim) Ian ?Ian Anderson Ian Bates Ian Bremner Ian Brightmore Ian Brown Ian Brummit Ian Brunton Ian Cooke Ian Colquhoun Ian Dawson Ian Gibb Ian Grant Ian Haggarty Ian Hamilton Ian Henchoz Ian Henderson Ian Hope Ian Wall (aka Ace) Ian Walters Ian's Memories of Oriana 1972-1979 Ian White (aka Chalky) Ian Wynn-Smythe (aka Winnie) Ian Yates Ineke Ooyevaar Irene Birchby (now Dobson) Isabel Page Isadore ?Glen Cunningham Glenn Moore Glyn Dodson (aka Twinkle Toes) Glyn's Memories include Himalaya, Oriana.

Gordon Anderson Gordon Chapman Gordon Dickens Gordon Ferguson Gordon Mc Intyre Gordon Mincham Gordon Nichols Graeme Hayes Graeme Heap Graham ?

(4EO) Eric Banton Eric Campbell Eric's Memories of Oriana Eric Edwards Eric Mc Guffie Eric Pinches Eric Smith Eric Snowden Eric Speekenbrink Eric Stancliffe Eric Sweetman Eric Taylor (aka Erictrician) Ernest French (aka Froggy) Etta Jonquire Euan Scrimgeour Eula Taulbee Eve Becker Eve Palmer Eveline Maas (now Smith) Eveline's Memories of Orsova (more ships to follow) Evie Fleming Everett ?

Fiona Alexander Fiona Buy (now Hann) Fiona Fitzpatrick Francis Stileman Frank Baker Frank Jackson Frank Kendall Frank Mc Gurran Frank Murphy Frank Stone Frank Taylor Frank Zaniewski Frankie Cowie Frankie Gay (now Blyth) Fred Davies (aka The Red) Fred Hall Fred Rance Fred Woolley Freddie Blackmore Freddie Lloyd G Singh Gadge Gareth Edwards Gareth Hopes Gareth Jones Garry ?

I have caught up with some guys over here in OZ like Jim Taylor Eng (NSW), Pat Mc Pherson (WA), Jack Cheetham (NZ) and of course Keith Fiddling (Deceased) in Qld.

I have been trying to trace some of the guys Like John Cannon Gray (Fridge Eng), Peter Robinson (Pee Wee) 4th Eng, and I see Dave Barraclough in some of the photos what has happened to him?

(Eng) Graham Billett Graham Bingley Graham Bird (aka Dicky) Graham Bond Graham Box Graham Briggs Graham Burton Graham Charlwood Graham Francis Graham Harding Graham Howard (aka Pugsley or Ronnie Barker) Graham Kirk (aka Frickley) Graham Lewis Graham Lyne (aka Jumbo) Graham Mansell Graham Mc Queen Graham Paul (aka Shag) Graham Santi Graham Smith (aka Plank) Graham Smith (aka Mara or Abdul) Graham's Memories include Canberra, Island Princess, Oriana and Sun Princess. Graham Tebby Graham Tuck (aka Chuck) Graham Waller Hamish Reid Hans ?