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Updating mercedes navigation systems

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Just connect up, start Becker Content Manager and access the Web Shop.

These units are available in 6 inch and 7 inch versions.SAFELY AND SECURELY OUT OF SIGHT Ideal protection No visible mounting brackets, no cables, no suction pad marks on the windscreen – the unique concept and concealed fitting in the glove compartment give no clues about the existence of a navigation system in the vehicle.As added anti-theft protection, the Becker MAP PILOT can be locked in its rack and electronically secured by an optional PIN.Up to 200 destinations, including a convenient “Home” function, can be stored and routes planned with up to ten intermediate destinations.TIMELESS, UNIQUE AND FUTURE-PROOF A lasting investment With its unique concept, the Becker MAP PILOT will remain updatable for years to come and so keep up to the latest standards.Dear Mercedes-Benz owners, please note that the Mercedes-Benz navigation systems require a step by step map update each year, before using the latest map disc.

This is the Mercedes-Benz factory requirements, which have no exclusions on any models.

Mercedes-Benz GPS Maps Need Updating Regularly As with all forms of in-car GPS devices, the Mercedes-Benz Navigation System is only as good and as reliable as the maps that are installed onto it.

Contrary to the popular opinion held by many drivers, maps are not beamed down from the satellite network, purely for your car’s position, with the mapping software installed directly onto the device.

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