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A drought in the autumn has affected sandy, fast-draining soils which are typical in the Midlands.

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But if it’s any consolation, there is plenty of mistletoe.’Prices at the auction – the country’s biggest holly and mistletoe sales – are used as a barometer for those throughout Britain.My friends are quite jealous because I can pig out while they all starve themselves.When it comes to dealing with the real sporty types, they are very driven and in a rush to get better.That means sprigs will cost between £1 and £1.50 in shops, similar to last year.Speaking ahead of this year’s pre-Christmas sale, which takes place on Tuesday, Nick Champion, who has run the Tenbury Wells auction for 30 years, said: ‘Holly with berries is going to be scarce.They get very frustrated when they realise that the healing process can sometimes take up to 8 weeks!

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He will say they have pocketed ‘tax cuts and bumper salaries while millions have struggled and been held back’.

His plans include restoring the 50p top rate of tax and slashing the threshold for 45p tax from £150,000 to just £80,000.

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