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On reentering the cached content etag is not validating

The objects associated with the migration repository are created in the schema of the user associated with the selected connection.

To use the wizard, you must understand the information in Apache Hadoop Connectors Support in SQL Developer.Source Selection Criteria Enter the selection criteria for source table.The selection criteria are used to specify table rows to copy in the copy operation., you can check for and download available SQL Developer updates. (If you have enabled the SQL Developer preference to check for updates automatically at startup, and if you click to see available updates at startup, the Use this dialog box to clone a PDB to the Oracle Cloud.It unplugs the source PDB, plugs it into the Cloud CDB destination, then either plugs the source PDB back into its CDB or deletes it from its CDB.For example, if you attempt to export some tables that include TABLE_1, but TABLE_1 was dropped or the database connection was deleted after that table was added to the cart, then this error box is displayed.

To fix the problem, ensure that you are attempting to perform the Cart operation only on database objects that exist and are available.

The Application Wizard enables you to migrate a DBLib or CTLib Sybase application to Oracle by specifying a directory with source code from the DBLib or CTLib Sybase application.

You will be able to see what changes must be made to migrate the application to Oracle, and to perform the migration.

If you do not associate a file type with SQL Developer, any existing association for that file is unchanged.

After you close this box, you can change the associations for these file types and many others by clicking : Copies the object definitions.

Note: For all Name fields, any name that you type is automatically converted to and stored in the database metadata in uppercase, unless you enclose the name in quotation marks (" ").