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Dating in sask

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It was a stable investment, with the federal Wheat Board monopoly sending Prairie grain up Omnitrax’s line and into its towering grain elevator.

His seniority allows him to bump someone with less experience from a job on the functioning part of the line to the south, but the company is also cutting back service and jobs in Thompson and The Pas.The result, Saunders says, was overworked maintenance staff doing the bare minimum."They go out of their way to preach safety, and they’re the very first ones to break their rules and regulations, and I’ve seen that lots of times," he says.Omnitrax’s chief commercial officer disputes Saunders’ recounting."Since Omnitrax Canada acquired the line in 1997, the Hudson Bay Railway has met or exceeded Transport Canada standards.And then, last month, a multimillion-dollar Toronto investment firm "expressed interest in partnering" with the now-unified group.The dogs start barking again and Maria goes to let them out.Since then, there have been hints suggesting a deal was imminent, but there was no concrete progress.

In early October, sources close to the transfer talks said negotiations broke down on the cusp of a major step toward signing a deal.

When overland spring flooding washed out sections of track May 23, he says he wasn’t surprised.

When overland spring flooding washed out sections of track May 23, he says he wasn’t surprised."It wasn’t that bad when I first started," he says.

Churchill has long been known for polar bears, beluga whales and northern lights.

But since spring floods washed out its only overland link to the south last May, the town’s struggle to survive has dominated the news.

Two Manitoba groups have separately tried taking over the rail line and port, with one bid dating back two years.