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When overland spring flooding washed out sections of track May 23, he says he wasn’t surprised.

But since spring floods washed out its only overland link to the south last May, the town’s struggle to survive has dominated the news.Grooves appeared in parts of the line, but it was smooth enough for the test cars.Supervisors told him to patch up the line with old or mismatched bolts."It’s not a good feeling to go work with second-hand stuff, and that you never know if it’s going to break and hurt you," he says, tugging on his baseball cap.Instead, they gather at Floyd’s feet, but he ignores them and stares out the window, wondering whether politicians in Ottawa and Winnipeg care about the people living in his town."Right now I feel like they’re not doing anything at all, other than talk," he says."It would be great to have a company to take it over; I’d be the first to come back." Churchill has been without a ground link to the south since May 23, 2017, when heavy flooding knocked out the rail line near Gillam."But things started to decline."He recalls seeing faults in the line.

When one rail rose three inches above the other, his team would correct it, but only by half an inch.

"I’ve done washouts before; they take a day at the most."Omnitrax eliminated Saunders’ position in October.

His seniority allows him to bump someone with less experience from a job on the functioning part of the line to the south, but the company is also cutting back service and jobs in Thompson and The Pas.

Two Manitoba groups have separately tried taking over the rail line and port, with one bid dating back two years.

Earlier this fall, Ottawa had them merge forces and kicked off talks aimed at transferring ownership.

His Cree relatives took pride in the work they did.