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What episode of glee do finn and rachel start dating

what episode of glee do finn and rachel start dating-21

The episode explicitly did not want to be a spectacle: Early on, the scabrous Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) insisted, “We honor Finn Hudson by taking care of the people he loved and the way we do that is helping them to move on… Schuester, who had been “everyone else’s rock,” had not cried, we learn, and his girlfriend suggests that, though he should grieve however he wants to, at some point he’ll need to break down.

Mr Schue and Emma Pilsbury start the episode as a couple as, unexpectedly, do Finn and Rachel. Sue sets Brittany and Santana on a mission to bring down Glee by breaking up the principal singers – which they do by tempting Finn away with the promise of a date with both of them at once.’s Season 2 finale, the New Directions made their first trip to New York City for Nationals.Rachel and Finn’s relationship had been on the rocks, but they ultimately mended things, due in no small part to the romantic date Finn planned for his leading lady. Lea is smiling in behind-the-scenes photos, but once the camera’s start rolling, Rachel looks sad.This worked well: The best sequences—besides the songs—came courtesy of cold characters like Santana and Sue, who were allowed to tell jokes and leaven their sadness with sass.Rachel, on the other hand, sang an Adele-style version of the Bob Dylan song “Make You Feel My Love.” Michele wept throughout the song, her mascara leaking down her face, and the clean, perfect vocals, though beautiful, didn’t really match.But did it in the Twitter era, when viewers had not only read about Monteith’s death, but also the reactions of everyone who knew him.

Monteith died in July, and just weeks later, the cast—reportedly guided by the wishes of Monteith’s real-life girlfriend and co-star Lea Michele—was back on set, filming this episode.

But Brittany is still gathering speed in her race to become best character in the show. " she earnestly revealed to Santana at one point, and admitted she often forgets her middle name at another.

There had better be a Brittany-focused episode soon.

Puck, Finn’s ne’er-do-well best friend, had also been refusing to cry, for fear that “if I start crying I’ll never stop.” In the episode’s most over-the-top scene, his football coach gets him to sob, thus beginning his healing process.

Eliciting tears from the other characters—and the audience—was not nearly so hard, but it was still most definitely the point.

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