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What episode of glee do finn and rachel start dating

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Programme notes Bear this in mind: that initially, only 13 episodes were commissioned, and all of those were finished pretty much before the first episode was shown.So one of the main tasks of this episode was to take the neatly tied happy endings of sectionals, untie them, and then mess them up again so there's something to do now.

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The moment was undoubtedly a spectacle—a character crying for her dead boyfriend as an actress did the same, our presence on the couch a way to give all that grief some functional outlet—but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t moving.This worked well: The best sequences—besides the songs—came courtesy of cold characters like Santana and Sue, who were allowed to tell jokes and leaven their sadness with sass.Rachel, on the other hand, sang an Adele-style version of the Bob Dylan song “Make You Feel My Love.” Michele wept throughout the song, her mascara leaking down her face, and the clean, perfect vocals, though beautiful, didn’t really match.’s Season 2 finale, the New Directions made their first trip to New York City for Nationals.Rachel and Finn’s relationship had been on the rocks, but they ultimately mended things, due in no small part to the romantic date Finn planned for his leading lady. Lea is smiling in behind-the-scenes photos, but once the camera’s start rolling, Rachel looks sad.Because of the speed with which it was assembled, because of Michele’s personal relationship with Monteith, because of the cast and producers’ assertions that Monteith was as lovely as Finn, the skein between fiction and nonfiction in the episode was particularly thin: ’s proven ability to go maudlin and after-school-special-style on any and everything, “The Quarterback” was relatively restrained.

There was no grandstanding about drug abuse—in fact, the episode made no mention of how Finn died at all—no spiritual posturing, no false attempt to make Finn’s death mean something grand or redemptive.

Anna Pickard's episode 13 blog After their sectionals win, the kids and Mr Schue are riding high – until they realise that they're as low in the food chain as ever they were, Sue Sylvester's back, and, what's more, they're going to have to face the incredible Vocal Adrenaline at regionals.

Mr Schue and Emma Pilsbury start the episode as a couple as, unexpectedly, do Finn and Rachel. Sue sets Brittany and Santana on a mission to bring down Glee by breaking up the principal singers – which they do by tempting Finn away with the promise of a date with both of them at once.

I'm betting right now that she's going to end up being both. It's important to give back," said Jesse Saint James, almost out-goody-two-shoesing Rachel (or he would be, if he weren't so obviously evil).

So while this was mainly a reboot of an episode, there was a sense of celebration about the return too. Sue Sylvester had her moments ("I won't be burying any hatchets unless I get a clear shot at your groin") and was, in familiar fashion, dismissive and odd – even Principal Figgins believed she would have had sex with him in full tracksuit zipped up to the chin.

But Brittany is still gathering speed in her race to become best character in the show. " she earnestly revealed to Santana at one point, and admitted she often forgets her middle name at another.