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Pl sql if inserting updating

Also, 10g includes new features that enhance the generation of object level statistics within the database. Also new parameters has been added: and modified in Oracle database 10g.

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The other possible values are The parameter optimizer_dynamic_sampling has a new default value of 2 in Oracle Database 10g.This means dynamic sampling will be applied to all unanalyzed tables.It also means that twice the number of blocks will be use to calculate statistics than were used in Oracle database 9i.We will show you not only problems but also how to solve them creatively in Postgre SQL.If you are…You will find all you need to know to get started with the Postgre SQL quickly and effectively here on our website.Oracle 10g also offers two new procedures in the dbms_stats package.

First, the This example gathers statistics from the SYS and SYSTEM schemas as well as any other schemas that are related to RDBMS components (e.g., OUTLN or DBSNMP).

When you gather system statistics in Oracle Database 10g they will override these initial values.

To gather system statistics you should use DBMS_STATS.

If you are new to Postgre SQL, follow 3-easy steps to get started quickly with Postgre SQL. We will also cover some additional features, such as modifying table structure and deleting tables.

In addition, you will learn an efficient way to delete all rows from a table by using the You typically use Postgre SQL as the back-end database of a specific application.

Oracle Enhancements by Oracle Release New Utilities in Oracle10g release 10.1.0: Oracle10g Grid RAC enhanced for Oracle10g dynamic scalability with server blades SQLTuning Advisor SQLAccess Advisor Rolling database upgrades (using Oracle10g RAC) dbms_scheduler package replaces dbms_job for scheduling Set Database Default Tablespace syntax Rename Tablespace command Introduced RECYCLEBIN command for storing objects before they are dropped. sqlplus / as sysdba accessibility without quote marks SYSAUX tablespace Multiple Temporary Tablespaces supported to reduce stress on sorting in TEMP RMAN introduces compression for backups New drop database syntax New alter database begin backup syntax and alter database end backup.