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Dating in hounslow

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But as a human being you would expect him to be upset.'I didn't ask him too much about it or how he died.'I don't know his father's connection with Egypt, I believe he was from Syria also.I'm not sure where his mother is now.'Both the 18-year-old suspect and Faroukh are thought to have arrived in Britain several years ago as refugees, having travelled across Europe to get to the so-called Jungle camp at Calais.

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They must have been Maltesers or Kit Kats because they were red.'Someone - a friend who was with him - tried to pick up his phone but the CID officers were shouting at him telling everyone not to touch anything.'Someone was with him when he was arrested.Onlooker Tareq Haque, 21, said when he was arrested his bag was dropped to the floor and fell open - showing it was full of chocolate bars.Law student Tareq said: 'I was just going to get some food and was right next to the shop.'It looked totally normal but all of a sudden they just grabbed the guy and tackled him to the floor.'The officers came out of nowhere. They were acting like they were waiting for a bus, just standing there.He had been placed with the Joneses, who looked after children from war zones, after reaching Britain in 2013.Soon he was posing for selfies in front of Big Ben and the London Eye.He seemed very Westernised, he was into American rap music and wore Western clothes like jeans and T-shirt.'He was very sensible and mature, and not into religion at all.

There was nothing to make him stand out.'We would just have normal conversations, but we didn't talk much at work as his English was not very good and my Arabic is not good so there was not much common ground.'When his dad died around June this year he was very upset but I didn't see a great change in him.

He was saying to everyone 'he's a good guy, there is nothing wrong with him, I know his family and he's a good guy'.

He was saying 'this is all a mix up'.'They started to put bags around his legs.

It emerged the man they were hunting had put on a burka to disguise them as a woman.

'There were more woman worshippers that had left the mosque than had gone in, so I alerted the team that there was a possibility he had changed his appearance.' After catching and arresting him in a high-speed chase, a pipe bomb and other weapons were found in his car - ahead of a planned attack on coaches returning school children from France.

The subterfuge tactics used by MI5 used to arrest Parsons Green suspect Yahya Faroukh are commonly employed, a former MI5 agent has revealed Undercover police swooped on the 21-year-old Syrian refugee outside his workplace at Aladdins chicken shop, in Hounslow, after posing as homeless people.