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Ione skye dating

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She’s had trouble getting other roles, including one she was up for in the big-budget “Godzilla.” “I don’t audition well, so I got an acting coach who was well-known,” Skye remembers. Then I go to the audition, and my hair and clothes are right and I’m sure I’m in.But the response was so bad to what I did.” Then there was her encounter with Gwyneth Paltrow’s agent.

From his humble beginnings as a child actor through his career singing for one of the most game changing bands in rock music, the singer has seen and done it all.She later went on to marry Beastie Boys member Adam Horovitz but they separated in 1999.In 2008, she married musician Ben Lee and the couple welcomed daughter Goldie Priya in 2009.Meanwhile it was revealed Diane's father had been embezzling money from the retirement home he owned and was sent to prison.Heartbroken she sought solace in the arms of Lloyd and he agreed to go to England with her so she could attend university in London.’ “I went in and met this young agent and he starts giving me advice about my career, but in a very unhelpful and condescending way. More than when I’m acting.” Is she interested in helming a full-length feature?

And I just said, ‘I didn’t come here for your advice.’ And I just left.” Skye has also spent time behind the camera, directing three shorts.

Kiedis dated Ione Skye, aka the object of John Cusack‘s affections in ‘Say Anything.’ She had a predilection for musicians, marrying Beastie Boy Adam Horovitz and Aussie indie rocker Ben Lee, but Kiedis dated her first.

A naked picture of the pair appears in his book ‘Scar Tissue'; it was taken when she was 18.

The film, written and directed by Linda Kandel and opening Friday, chronicles the troubled lives of three Gen X female friends.

Skye’s character, Rebecca, is pushing 30 before she gets to meet her father. Finally my brother said that I just had to.” Her dad, she recalls, “was in town in a house in the Hollywood Hills doing something with music. And he opened the door, and we shook hands, and it was the first time I touched him.

Kiedis’ father Blackie Dammett was an actor who was friends with Sonny Bono and his former (and famous) wife, Cher.