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Outlook 2016 not updating messages

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To create a new folder, right-click the parent folder you want to create the new folder in.If you want a top-level folder (a folder at the same level as your Inbox), you would use your mailbox as the parent folder.

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You can either leave the messages there, or you can set Outlook to automatically empty your Deleted Items folder when you sign out.If your administrator has enabled the recover deleted items feature, you can use it to recover items that have been deleted from your Deleted Items folder.How long items will be recoverable depends on settings that are controlled by your administrator.NO, IT DIDN' T: There is a problem in the synchronization between your Apple device and i Cloud. Try asking Apple Support NOTE: You can advance to Step 8 only when the test item appears in the correct folder in MS Outlook. Is Code Two Sync for i Cloud configured to synchronize the i Cloud folder containing the test item with another folder in your MS Outlook (let us call it the target folder)?You have to correct this before proceeding (click here for Apple Support). Does the machine which hosts the MS Outlook you want to synchronize with i Cloud have internet access? I DON' T KNOW: If you accessed this article on the machine in question, then chances are it has internet access. YES: Repair the MS Outlook data file which hosts the target folder using SCANPST as per these guidelines. Right-click the i Cloud folder, select Sync with Outlook and navigate to the target folder.Your administrator may have set up a policy to empty items from your Deleted Items folder after they've been there for a preset number of days.

For example, there may be a policy that deletes any message that has been in your Deleted Items folder for 30 days.

It not only helps perform a particular search following a defined criterion but also helps to navigate through emails and other components quite efficiently.

The search algorithm might incorporate different kinds of malfunctions such as entirely improper outputs or no/ blank results.

In this case you will have to remove duplicates manually or use a third party product that will help you delete or merge duplicates. If items are not being synchronized between your i Pad/i Phone and your Outlook, perform the steps below to figure out where the problem lies. If this does not help, look for a solution at Apple Support. Is your most up-to-date i Cloud information present in MS Outlook on the machine in question?

IMPORTANT: Before you start, make sure that: YES, IT DID: Go to Step 2. Do you see the i Cloud Refresh / Go online button in your MS Outlook? YES: If so, and only the test item was not synchronized, you have to correct this before proceeding.

You can also select Purge to permanently delete an item.