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The loop was pushed through a hole in the hinge of the cuffs and a padlock snapped onto the loop. I've seen the videos and stills; the web site captures. As a further source of aggravation, a lid was hinged on the back and usually left fastened up; when dropped it left her feeling like she had been closed in a drawer. Any claustrophobia (which she did occasionally experience) only made it worse. She placed four stars between the hood and the clit and put the forceps down. Her eyes darted back and forth, not daring to look into the Lady Go ahead. Joe told Tuesday: I'd like to brief you on the plans for Tuesday, at least short term. You both have seen the preliminary videos from her previous life? We've been able to gather some additional information about her. We had an investigator ask around, like he was investigating her disappearance. Joe was rocking harder now, pushing her up till she almost gagged on the cock in her mouth then slid back onto his cock. He pulled away and started opening a condom wrapper. The Lady continued to examine the marks, noting the placement and how even the lines were from start to end.

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Will they simply transport the coffin to a cemetery and bury it? The whips snatched her upright, dangling now by her chest, the pain flooding through her mind, a familiar pain she had experienced before. Her female escort rolled her over, she then showed an equal capacity from behind. The kneeling woman shuddered, but her pussy twitched. They know her well, both carnally as well as by her fragrance. The occupants of our kennels also find great delight in her favors. She didn't actually tell them, of course, because she didn't know herself. The limbless figure quivered, perhaps in anticipation and twisted her head around, looking up at what was happening. The beautiful blonde stood upon it and started pulling the hem of her gown up to her hips. The bald head had to strain to reach the labia with her lips. Again the cock bottomed out in her mouth, pushing her head yet again. That this new slut currently feeding at your pussy wants to take her place as the primary worshiper of your lovely and delicious pussy. She saw Tuesday stiffen at the suggestion, so she embellished her idea a bit further. And her torso length would be better suited for the floor stand as a door greeter. There she gives blowjobs and pussy sucks to anyone that comes by. Tuesday blinked awake, seeing the legs of her escorts - usually her tormentors - standing in front of her. He turned her around and unbuckled the chastity belt from her waist. Her supercharged libido; the cause of her forfeiting her previous life, had vanished temporarily after her transition to her new life. She had demonstrated her willingness to accept pain to get pleasure; could she be trained to accept pain pleasure? He was a stranger to her, yet he knew of her secrets, if one who had performed on-line for thousands could have such secrets. The point was pressed against the tender flesh and slowly pushed deep inside, producing a deep hood piercing. She was still a beautiful young woman, but the effects of the canes had temporarily altered her appearance.They held her to also constrain her, though that wasn't necessary. A low, narrow, short bed was against the left wall. Cunt, you're going to have to learn to drink faster than that. Through the haze of pain she felt her hips being lifted up, her head not moving a millimeter. He pressed the head of his cock against her pucker; but rather than just shoving into her he gave her a chance to relax and allow his entrance. He continued his stroking, finally pressing his loins against her butt. Joe didn't try to tear them off this time, just squeezing enough to be both painful and pleasurable. Beth slipped the end of the forceps under the hood and moved it to examine the space around the clit. Thank goodness they were good natured; other than being deliciously, imaginatively sadistic, that is. Yeah...after your next modification, talking might be a little tough. She was led by the Roscoes into Lady Beth's little chamber of horrors; where she went for pussy and ass exercises. I, on the other hand, have things I need to do or ascertain and will continue. With that Tuesday felt a sharp point jab her clit, not terribly hard, but enough to make her jump; especially since it was unexpected. Lady Beth paused, savoring the pain that she was causing before increasing the pressure enough to break through. The Lady Beth returned to the stool at the juncture of the beautiful thighs and noticed that the piercings had completely stopped bleeding. The nipple piercings oozed blood from the pressure of the clips alone. Master Joe stepped over and looked at the girl strapped to the gynecological chair. Master John stepped over next to his partner and leaned over to get close to the girl's face. The Lady bent over to the screaming girl This one might sting a little. She had accepted both of them several times before, though not without some difficulty.It was adorned only with a thin mat, covered with a sheet of coarse cotton. In the far left corner was a funnel shaped three inch hole, less than 2 feet away was a small bucket. She released the now clean thumb and watched with her head bent down as the other one pulled out a cock of similar gigantic proportions and also added to the bucket. Her entire face was submerged, she had no other choice but to drink. She felt a large blunt object at her asshole and then felt it press into her. As for what you will do've just heard a little of it. You were purchased with expectations of providing a return on our investment. She opened her anus to give him a welcome and the tip slipped inside. His fingers slipped down to her elongated nipples and gave them both a squeeze and a twist; then she was gone. The Lady lifted the hood and separated it from the clit, teasing the clit to swell and extend from its hiding place. is to have Tuesday go through a multiple amputation just like Helena did. She noticed that Tuesday had stopped and was watching and listening. She was led in, Lady Beth strapped her down onto the exam seat; then left. She used a sterile wipe to clean up and began unstrapping her victim. Sheila sprayed them a few times, but they continued to ooze. She had only managed a few lifts when the Isabella and deep hood piercings began to drip. He examined the straps and position then he leaned the chair further back and grinned at Lady Beth. She had to press her chin into her neck to keep from looking at him. Said John as he lined up beside Sheila's right foot. As she looked into his eyes she saw that they twinkled with devious delight. The swelling and bruising wasn't helping; they really didn't want to damage her any more than they had to.Her large breasts were covered, barely, the gown just sufficient to contain them. The woman who had been Sarah blinked at the woman before her. Simultaneously his partner picked up her ankle chains, folding her knees up to her thighs and grabbed her other breast. He said while squeezing her pussy even tighter and bearing down with his thumb against his palm for emphasis. At the third doorway they stopped at the opening and she was carried in. The memory of drowning in an ocean of piss that she had had during her transport came back. Joe tired of the lack of the depth of penetration he desired and withdrew from her pussy. The cock at her mouth was now clean, but since it hadn't been removed she continued her ministrations. First tight enough to hurt, then more of a pulsing and milking. Her gaping pussy flooded even more, fluid dripping to the floor; drool hung in long strands as John kept up his rhythm. Lady Beth pushed on, until she felt the resistance at the opening of the bladder. She struck the tuning fork with a reflex hammer and held the end of the fork to the end of the sound. She was already straining against the straps, now her mouth opened and her eyes opened wide. Her lips moved but no sound came out.s the next level. She had experienced the effects of a sparkler on her nipples before with similar results. And that the Mistress thought it might be a good idea. He thought that she had stiffened at the suggestion. I think she has alternative plans for the both of you. It's okay if she has a bit of discomfort from one of you fellows, but not from some nasty microbe. The belt allowed complete access to either of her holes, but her cunt would only receive internal stimulation. He glanced up at her and said: You may speak freely to me...respectfully of course. Master Charles and Mistress Christine are a bit more reserved. It slipped in easily, surprising her at the lack of any discomfort. She took her time, knowing that it would hurt all the more. The pain certainly wasn't as bad as the Isabella, but it was the anticipation and the tensing before the actual piercing that amplified the pain. We want your body to be in excellent physical condition. That way they could hurt her more when they enjoyed her ass. Looks like the Roscoes are going to have a bunch of fun today! She then pulled a pair of cuffs and a chain from a cabinet and fastened Tuesday's hands behind her back and pulled them up, attaching the chain to her collar. She managed not to scream, though the Lady Beth couldn't see how. She shook and actually twisted slightly in her straps. She knew that soon her jaw muscles would tire and fight the distension, but for now she was managing to keep up with the flow.A narrow waist above the flare of hips, legs that seemed too long reached to delicate feet wearing 4 inch heels. The hands lowered her to her knees, continuing to support her. They picked her up as if she were a folding lawn chair and carried her toward a steel door. They turned her from left to right, displaying her new quarters. Her face was only in a small pail; it might as well have been the Pacific. She had an idea of what was next and her expectation was met. His fingers continued his attack when suddenly her breasts were also assaulted. She gave a short moan.s clit between two sharp fingernails. But the literal shock to her bladder was much worse than anything she had felt before. Tuesday started to stir, feeling something happening to her pussy. You need to teach her everything you can while you can still talk. John was grinning and apparently laughing to himself. Her clit was left to starve Tuesday first met the Toymaker when she was first fitted for her clitoral chastity belt. If you ask questions that they find tedious or invasive they may simply cut the invitation short. At first she nodded; she had looked away when he poked her. He withdrew it and smiled at her as he picked up a larger one. The next one met resistance and she winced at the intrusion. The Toymaker picked up an unusual speculum, lubed it and put into her pussy. As the point reached the other side the skin began to stretch, showing the point. Tuesday caught the grin out of the corner of her eye. As the ring was secured Lady Beth noticed another tear trickle from the corner of each eye. Tuesday passed the first set of lifts with her asshole without demerit. A quick press of the remote and Tuesday found herself standing on tip toe, struggling to breathe. John held her hips and started pushing a bit more forcefully against the pussy his cock was trying to enter. The movement of her legs telegraphed a slickness between her firm thighs I'm wet? The breasts swelled, expanding, 2 purple balloons with grotesque protuberances; what had been nipples now resembled black rosebuds ready to burst. It continued to expand, gaping, revealing an astonishing ability to accommodate cocks of large girth. It took many months of chastisement some might call it torture, we prefer to call it 'enlightenment' for her to convey to her trainers what she would become. She pushed a few buttons and the head came up closer to the blonde's pussy. Insuring secure transport is expensive and tedious; so that happens infrequently. After almost a minute that felt like ten she began to shake and he relented, allowing her to swing her head back down and get a breath. The torment of this became clear after the first half hour. She smiled as the thighs on either side tightened again. On some days Helena is placed upright on a pair of large dildos and held by a frame at the door of the Great Theater. Her gorgeous hair fell mostly behind her, one lock framed her face. Master Joe said loudly while turning the lights up full. She caught her movement and stood rather than knelt. She took a deep breath; the chastity belt was tight enough to restrict her breathing. Christine thought that perhaps her addiction to orgasms could be used to further increase her tolerance and appetite for pain. Did you ever accost men on the sidewalks and demand to suck their cocks? A curved bar with a ball attached went through the hole and another ball screwed onto the end. It goes through the shaft of the clitoris, deep inside. Gloved hands picked up a shorter curved hollow needle. Sheila gingerly climbed out of the chair and walked slowly over to the swing.

Firm buttocks clinched revealing dimples on their sides, the not quite hidden pucker twitched. She wondered if it would be her last contact as well. She had practiced doing it without the coffin but with her eyes closed. Her hands hadn't trembled before, why did they tremble now? The whips wrapped around her breasts, tightening, binding them. She provided quite a lot of entertainment while her fate was being determined. Slowly her pussy opened and her lubricating fluid flowed out, puddling on the table. By then I didn Some of our services are delivered out of house. The recordings are utilized in various ways, including for training other places. She breathed through her nose, but that was difficult with her head bent back and the cock pressing hard against the back of her throat. Tuesday had been curious why she hadn't been allowed to shave her pussy since she began her journey. Lady Beth was playing with the pubic hair, now grown out sufficiently to grasp with tweezers. After having had the pleasure of the Roscoe's little game she had been delivered for bodily cleaning. Lady Beth would select a hair and slowly draw it from its pore. She chose a hair shaft close to the clitoral hood and began her slow extraction. You haven't had the opportunity to see what the Lady Beth is talking about. The freshly defoliated cunt was covered by the blanket, but would have been unseen regardless; it was secured by a chastity belt. She stepped over to the hole in the floor that served as her toilet. She used a pair of handcuffs to secure Tuesday's hands behind her back. When it gets to zero, lift the pin and hold it until it counts back to zero. Interviews with men and women who had sampled, or indeed, feasted on her feminine charms revealed a lifestyle that was remarkable for both her variety as well as her ravenous appetite. Videos, of course, also contributed to their value. She had already begun transforming herself, now the question became: into what? We knew that you would fuck anything, anywhere, anytime, but I had no idea you juiced up like this. The point of the needle passed deep, through the root of the clitoris, eliciting a short scream from Tuesday. The point appeared, poking under the skin above the top of her pussy. Tuesday released the breath she had been holding with a rush. I'm not going to use the rough one until the piercing heals. The Lady put the forceps on either side of the clitoral hood, inside the inner labia. She secured the forceps, drawing another hiss from Tuesday.

Without releasing her wrist her hands were brought in front of her and the cuffs re-installed. Hopefully you, and we, will find your position with such certainty. As to your expectations, they too, will partly be up to you to decide. But the vertical side was too high for her to go over. These however, were much smaller with sharp, hooked points. She lifted the hood away from the shaft of the clit and placed the star at the base of the tender nub. He knew that she couldn't take all of him they had never found a woman yet who could take all of them completely, not even Helena.

A short metal cable with a loop welded on one end was slipped through a ring on her collar; a metal ball slightly larger than the ring welded to the other end secured it. I can assure you that any experiences you may have had prior to coming here will be mild compared to what you will experience here. The door closed even with the side so with the door closed she was completely isolated. And she could be sure that the horse wouldn't have anesthesia. The Lady Beth selected one and held it up for Tuesday to make you focus to have an orgasm. She moved the forceps to another spot and inserted another star. He saw that Joe was apparently bumping into her cervix; he could feel a sharp exhale past her lips as she bottomed out on the shaft.

The walls were white painted cast concrete, extending 9 feet to a concrete ceiling. The thumb that had been in her ass was presented to her mouth for cleaning. From the corner of her eyes she could see the other one pull from his shorts a cock that would impress a horse. When they had finished the bucket was filled to the brim; foamy and bright yellow. Oh, no, she thought I can't take that dry, it would be difficult with lube..of lube! The cock forced into her pucker, the pain from her ass adding to the pain in her chest and head. She continued to drink, getting an occasional opportunity to breathe. How you develop will determine how we might expect to get that return. Some of the instruction will teach you how to behave and interact with others here. He waited for her to adjust to his girth and began a slow push into her bowels. Her orgasm swept over her; crashing into her mind, racking her body into gasping convulsions. The forceps bumped and jostled the nub, next she opened the jaws and grasped the tender flesh and pulled on it. You can show her a little of the videos, but not much. Such a procedure would also allow her to accommodate the horses as well. She seems to have had some experience with sucking large cocks. The pain and strain of holding the head of the bowling pin was too much for her. She felt the tongue slide into her, watching the piercings to make sure that the bleeding was diminishing. Sheila didn't know that the Lady had been monitoring their activities remotely. He laid the cane across Sheila's ass, the rod bisecting her anus. His eyes never left hers as he swung the cane back sharply, the rod flexing at the return from the backswing, landing precisely on the pucker. They could be sadistic bastards when they wanted to be; now wasn't one of those times.

A flush mounted light fixture spread diffuse light into the chamber. Thumb spoke again: Looks like it needs topping off. She felt him pull her ass tightly to him and then he jerked several times. Other parts will be to determine how best to utilize you and discover your purpose. She jerked again and again; they wouldn't allow her any escape from herself. Tuesday again started to rise against the straps as she felt her clit stretched out. She'll be so relieved to find out that she isn't going to be discarded that maybe she'll settle down. I don't want her to go completely off the deep end. And if she were to be replaced, then Tuesday would become a candidate for the same surgery as well. I want Tuesday to be conditioned to orgasm only when stimulated both sexually and through pain. The humiliation part might be a little more difficult to attain. I've got a special surprise for her for the group fucking. She was doing only an inch lift but the pin slipped to the plate. Tuesday tasted the slickness emanating from the girls pussy. He grinned up at his partner then grinned at Sheila. The huge head of his cock finally made its entrance, he heard her gasp around the mighty shaft in her mouth. He made slight progress, but slight was sufficient.

She tasted only his cock, smelled his musk, felt the wiry hairs of his abdomen pressing her nose and forehead. High cheek bones covered with luscious skin of alabaster. She waved her hand and a low, wheeled table was brought forth. A beautiful smiling face shown under a gleaming bald pate. Smooth skin bearing only faint scars covered her shoulders and hips. Perhaps you will get an opportunity to do that, providing you prove your worth. The new slave nodded; she realized she was still salivating. Was it necessary to lose her arms and legs to be allowed the pleasure of worshiping at that altar? The woman felt a large hand slip behind her; thumb entering her asshole, two middle fingers entering her cunt. The trip was smooth; there was no sensation of speed, or even of stopping. Would you think from what you saw that she is satisfied here? Joe hit bottom quickly and he proceeded to pound her cervix much harder than he had pounded her throat. She would have to be hollow up to her sternum to handle this pole. After what seemed like an hour (it was only thirty minutes) she felt the one behind her John repeated Joe's action, gathering some of her drool and wiping it over his shaft. He made sure to contribute to her pain, wanting her to have a long memory of this day whenever she moved or sat down. She expected that pissing would be agony for a few days. She was already stretched from her first fucking, so he didn't take as long to warm her up. The straps prevented much movement, but the actions indicated a change of reaction. Lady Beth stopped her pressure, leaving the rod in place.s body was tensed, straining against the straps. Having her bladder penetrated and then vibrated was a new sensation that she couldnt had it stretched a bit? Her hair was damp from her exertions, the strands flinging in strings about her head. Besides, the Roscoes were so big they could hardly fit into her ass. Tuesday's eyes snapped wide, her mouth a gaping hole. When she paused long enough to gasp a fresh lungful of air she started another scream. She used the forceps to replace the stars in different locations around the clit. Her fingers were never allowed access to the aching nub at the top of her cunt. He picked up some type of instrument and began gently probing at her pussy, opening it and moving the labia around. All measurements were carefully noted in a notebook. The Lady grinned at her and began to slowly push the needle through. There had been discussions about whether to stretch her rectum until failure, necessitating her always having to wear either a butt plug or a diaper. It was decided however, that for hygienic reasons, as well as the pleasurable accommodation of cocks smaller than that of the Roscoes; that instead she should be trained to grip an anal visitor with the same force as a vaginal one. It's not very pretty, but it'll wash off eventually. She opened the legs wide and pulled the stirrups close, bending her knees. Meanwhile she was trying to accept the head of his partner into her mouth.