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Rozonda chilli thomas dating show

Oh nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, she did not cliché this scene!!! If he don’t put a ring on it, he doesnt like you…it up and keep it moving. And did he just say that he was short on cab money, too? too much good dick in the world for me to settle on a broke dude with good dick. As soon as I can remember Malcolm’s real name…lol…like the actor who plays him. She broke out with Beyoncé’s “if you like it then you need to put a ring on it”! Wait, out of all of the guys that they could have picked for Lisa Raye…. Now, the opening to their bedroom scene was kinky, classy and sexy all at the same time. Keisha (Lisa Raye) just kicked old dude out of her bed and made him go home at 4am. Okay, wait, sooo who is this dark handsome dude on the phone?

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In December 2017, they announced they were expecting their second daughter together. was a good guy and you chalk him up to a one-night stand and then you beg Q to come over for “closure”? I pray she is rocking at least a thong in this see-through dress. I think this may be a 2 hour premiere, but don’t quote me Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2 #Bitter Bitches Okay, sooooo the opening scene about how a man can get away with acceptable nasty versus just plain oldnasty. So, Val (Stacey Dash) is in a 5 year relationship with Quinton and he has yet to propose to her. but at least she just opened up her own clothing store. Val just told Q that she compromised by being in a relationship with him!!! WHAT THE HELL DOES STACEY DO TO STAY LOOKING LIKE A 25-YEAR-OLD COLLEGE STUDENT!!!!!? a woman already knows if a guy is gonna get to “hit it” when she first meets him. Did that dude just tell Keisha that her booty doesnt bounce like it use to? And can someone please teach the guy that is on Val to give a proper massage…… But SOMETHING is telling me that Lauren’s fiance is………. Ohhhh so, Jasmine is the Super Head of this show since she is writing a tell-all book.

And where can I get these naked men to take care of my girls and I? Now, who is Jasmine and why is she giving Keisha the stank eye?

Soooooo Jasmine needs her ass whooped for blackmailing Keisha.

I love it when a man has the lower back dimples…shit! WHo is this short fucker dancing off beat in this club scene? so the other woman with Malcolm is Jasmine…the ex-dancer?

The dude talking about Phil in the background almost made me pee myself!!! this is the most I have seen on Lisa Raye since Oh wait… Good to know that guys can come back and be the good guy too.

I swear if i see any of the Atlanta Housewives on here I’m screaming!

But wait, did he not know where Val’s store was located because she bought it before they broke up? I ask because Val seems to be the only one with a true profession. Diddy’s children’s mother…or mother of his children?