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Won the OTTPA (Outlaw Truck and Tractor Pulling Association) Super Farm and ITPA Super Farm points in 2008 won the Midwest Winter Nationals in 20 as a Super Farm.Won Tomah in 2009 was runner up in 2012 first year as 9500 Limited Pro Stock Then he had a V8 pulling chassis built, put a wore 305 on it with a turbo 350 transmission.

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He was an awesome person and always fun to be around. Joey dedicates every single pull he pulls in to him.Matt is very thankful he has continued to pull and strive to be competitive on a limited budget because Keith always puts his family first.Matt is also incredibly grateful that Keith lets him drive and is working with Matt to someday replace him and keep their team going even when he really screws up they work together to get it back together and keep going. Two of Matt’s dad's brothers Jeff and Fred have each had their time in the seat and continue to support the team and are avid pulling fans themselves.: The Darnell’s farm corn, sugar beets, edible beans and sunflowers in Western Nebraska.Jim’s passion for pulling started over forty-years ago.He ran it for a season, then had an engine built that is 350 bored 30 over with an aluminum intake and two barrel 500 cm Holley carb. The builder is JS fabrications and engine builder is D &M engine builders.

the rest of the tractor specs are 31 inch ag tires, drum steer brakes, ford nine inch with 620 gears Windsor, Missouri in 2013 with MMTTPA (Mid Missouri Truck and Tractor Pullers Association), there were a lot of trucks there in their class that night and they were able to come home with a win that night against some of the absolute toughest trucks running. Bryce pulled his dad's farm tractor to get started. U Chan works for Farm and Farm Bureau as an Insurance Agent and has done that for 10 years. Chan has also raced an NHRA Stock Car (66 Caprice) since 1988. First pull was in Casselman, Ontario in 1998 which Marc won André Simard has been pulling since 1978 and the first tractor he built didn't cost anything because he owned a scrap yard and built the entire tractor from parts he gathered in the yard, needless to say that it didn't last too long!

Jim, Calleen, the kids and “Super Fan”, Debbie Thompson, traveled to pulls with the original Red Rider, an IH 1466, having great success pulling in the farm stock division.

Then after a twenty-year break from the track, pulling never left the family blood.

He worked on pullers for years and ran a 2 engine mod with Dale Wagner in 1987. Marc’s pulling highlights would be his hometown wins and a 9th place out of 16 of the best tractors in the world in Bowling Green in 2013 but mostly what remains is all the friends and good people we meant throughout the years.

Matt’s first hook was 10 years ago in Fall City, Nebraska.

It was an off the street class and he pulled his 1967 Chevy short bed.