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Aung San Suu Kyi has tried to carve out space for dialogue, requesting that emotive terms like Bangali and Rohingyas be avoided, and "Muslim" be used instead.

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The township of Maundaw was allegedly the scene of some of the worst violence last year, at the hands of soldiers and police.As the last of the foreign reporters walked over a bamboo bridge a young Rohingya woman dressed in black, with a black umbrella, raised her hand hesitantly.Her demeanour was somewhere between blank and terrified. Then they started beating me and they took off my clothes."They beat me too much and did what they wanted. The Myanmar Government organised a trip for foreign journalists to go to northern Rakhine State, in Myanmar's west.Myanmar is a majority Buddhist country with more than 130 recognised ethnic groups.But the 1 million Muslim Rohingyas are not among them.In one case, comedian Guri Alfi complained about the erasure of one of his posts, which he attributed to the fact that he credited photographer Guy Kushi.

The Hebrew word “kushi” is a derogative term for blacks.

The fact is, Facebook isn't always good with its blocking decisions.

Frankly, this isn't a huge surprise, given that it has to use a combination of algorithms and low level human reviewers to cover a fairly large amount of content -- a decision the company made when it decided that it would be the arbiter of what is and what is not allowed on the site.

Soon after posting a few of these stories mocking Facebook, suddenly was blocked by Facebook. Even worse, previous links to Mizbala disappeared and anyone posting a link to Mizbala was given a fairly scary sounding message suggesting the site was deemed "unsafe" by Facebook. The site is regularly critical of Facebook -- specifically how it blocks people arbitrarily -- and suddenly it too gets blocked by Facebook with a nasty warning that the site itself is "unsafe." Even if this was an accident, it really looks quite bad.

In response, Mizbala has sued Facebook in Israel arguing that the messages associated with the block are defamatory and a "false description" of Mizbala (which appears to be similar to the concept of "false light" in American law).

Five years on, they still depend on food aid but malnutrition appears common, compounded by a lack of medical services.