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Owen wilson dating karina smirnoff

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“Dancing With the Stars” returns Monday, March 19, but that’s not the only place to see Karina this spring.

A source told Life & Style magazine: "They`ve been out a few times."Another insider added: "They`re totally into each other."Owen has been single since splitting from partner Jade Duell in June 2011, five months after she gave birth to their son Ford, while Karina called off her engagement to baseball pitcher Brad Penny in December.

Following Owen and Jade`s split, it was claimed the `Zoolander` star had ended the relationship because he wanted more "freedom".

“They’ve been out a few times,” a source tells the magazine.

A second source says, “They’re totally into each other.” So, there’s that. Smirnoff famously ended her engagement to MLB pitcher Brad Penny back in December 2011, after dating him for roughly three years.

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