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Then Monica screamed in ecstasy as she too came causing Jimmy to grunt and shoot his seed into her pussy. 'I can't wait for round two of that delightful cock of yours. ' 'Yes lets,' the older woman replied then pulled Jimmy's face to hers and kissed him deep on the lips while she carried on stroking his cock.The two women flopped either side of him on the bed as they all fought to get their breath back. When she released his face Monica dragged it over to her and did the same whilst rubbing his balls and around to his little hole causing Jimmy to shudder.

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The Teeny B Models page is dedicated to not just showcasing our bikinis, but also the models who help make us look so good.'Come and sit with me,' she said crossing her legs. 'I'm not sure what Julia has told you but as you know I was a teacher in a previous life. 'Oh well, you'll either love it or hate it but please come here and lie over my knees.' Jimmy slowly lowered himself over Miss Hindmarch's lap. After a couple of minutes she stopped and began to rub her hand over his warm buttocks. 'I must go to the bathroom to dispose of your cream. When she returned five minutes later Jimmy was still lying on his back on the sofa in post orgasmic bliss. She rubbed her pussy over his swollen cock before edging her lips onto it and savouring the feel of her first hard cock in months. When Monica was fully sheathed she bent down to kiss him.I used to love my job, especially punishing the young male students who stepped out of line. ' Jimmy gasped at what the older woman had in mind. He could feel his hard cock rubbing on her lilac silk stockings. 'Well it looks like I got most of it out but I fear there may be a little left. ' she said as she straddled his head and brought her pussy down over his face. ' Jimmy could taste the acrid flavours emitting from her sex. Make me cum and get me ready for your big cock.' Jimmy climbed on the the bed as Miss Hindmarsh left closing the bedroom door behind her. Her tongue sought his and soon they were kissing passionately.Please add a one-time donation to help fund our most urgent campaigns to fight discrimination and expand LGBTQ rights.Remember, 100% of your purchase fuels the fight for LGBTQ equality and makes you an active member of the Human Rights Campaign. When Jimmy sucked and gently nipped his Mother's clitoris she shrieked and came all over him.

It didn't take long due to the administrations of his mother earlier that morning and now his mature former headmistress was teasing his throbbing erection to full mast. Julia gasped as the cool black leather of her sofa rubbed against her clit as Jimmy pounded her. ' Jimmy didn't think he would last much longer either so he increased his thrusts and when Julia squealed she was coming he blasted his cum deep inside of her.

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It was illegal of course but the school turned a blind eye to it. 'Make me cum Jimmy and that way I can flush it out.' Jimmy had no choice but to eat the shiny bald pussy that was fucking his face until she once again grunted and his face was saturated by her orgasm. Miss Hindmarsh got off him and laid by his side toying with his now hard again cock. It's time for you to service Monica.' Jimmy bent down to pick up his shorts and shirt. You can have them back when we've finished with you.' She took Jimmy by the hand and led him upstairs to their bedroom where Monica was lying on the bed naked apart from her black hold ups and high heels stroking her hairy pussy. Monica grabbed him and easily turned him onto his back before straddling his head and placing her hairy muff onto his face. 'Mmmm Jimmy I think I'm going to enjoy this,' she said as she started to grind on top of him.

'Come on little boy, lick me so I can soak your face with my juices.' Jimmy set about servicing Monica with his tongue as she writhed on top of his face, Jimmy found it hard to breathe as she pulled his head tight between her thighs and fucked him relentlessly. All Jimmy could see were two huge tits swaying in front of his eyes.

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