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- They're known as the Lost Canadians: people who have spent much of their lives in Canada, but have lost their citizenship thanks to a series of bizarre provisions in the country's antiquated citizenship laws.

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C., in 1932, he was considered a registered alien and carried that title until 1947, when he became a citizen. C., though Louie didn’t live long enough to become a citizen because his Halifax bomber was shot down during the Second World War. And the injustice, like these Lost Canadians, I think that should be righted.” Click here to read more.... November 10, 2014: Global TV - Petition calls for change in Canada’s citizenship laws for war dead killed before 1947 - “If we allow this to continue, that our war dead weren’t Canadian, let’s go to all the graveyards in Europe and scratch out the maple leaves. It was more Kabuki theatre than debate, given the government mainly probed supporting witnesses and the opposition opposing witnesses.So when we want you to lay down your life for your country, you're a citizen.But once you actually die for your country, you're NOT. November 11, 2014: Department of External Affairs 1945 - Canadians Are Citizens - Referring to the upcoming introduction into Parliament of a new bill for Canadian citizenship, it talks about people who will be citizens once it has passed but then says "people who are now Canadian citizens under existing legislation will be recognized as Canadians under the (new) Bill." Click here to read more...He’s since become the voice for 1 million other Lost Canadians, whose ranks include such Canadian icons as Roméo Dallaire, Frank Gehry, and Nobel Prize–winner Willard Boyle.In riveting, pugilistic prose, Chapman describes his fight with Ottawa, and the frustrations and rewards of trying to change an immutable system.He said the same rule applied to Quan Louie, whose family owned the H. November 10, 2014: Mac Leans Magazine - Declare soldiers who died fighting in WWII Canadians - Chapman points to a legal response filed by federal lawyers in that case, stating Scott’s father may have been born in Canada and served as a Canadian soldier but was not a citizen because the former Citizenship Act had not yet come into force. November 10, 2014: Surrey Leader - Declare pre-1947 war dead citizens: petition -There are many references to Canadian citizenship in government publications before 1947, including a manual that was printed in 1943 and given to members of the Air Force who were bound for England. However, many had significant nuances, particularly on due process questions, which may prove significant when the bill proceeds to more formal who support the bill unreservedly, to those who oppose without qualification. Don Chapman of the Lost Canadians speaks to Rick Howe of 88.9 FM about the proposed changes to the Citizenship Act in Bill C-24 and the Citizenship Committee's latest shenanigins in Ottawa, when they perverted the course of democracy by blocking Chapman's appearance before the Committee on May 12. May 13, 2014: Vancouver Observer - Government muzzles expert witnesses on major citizenship bill - Even though the government made national headlines by saying it was finally going to fix legislation flaws that caused Canadians to lose citizenship, its exclusion of witnesses suggests that the law won't be open to any input from people directly affected by the legislation. April 21, 2014: Aboriginal Peoples Television Network Investigates Lost Canadians - Up until a few years ago, most of Canada had never heard of the term “Lost Canadian” – referring to the nearly one million people who were being denied their Canadian citizenship mainly due to outdated and discriminatory aspects of Canada’s citizenship law.

And according to citizenship advocate and founder of the Lost Canadians, Don Chapman, there’s a good reason why.

And these soldiers, these people who gave their lives for this country, were Canadian citizens at the time and should be recognized as such, despite the weirdness of our laws.” Click here to read more....

November 11, 2014: Lost Canadians - Federal Court documents say War Dead were never Canadian citizens - It's clear that the government's position is that our 114,000 WWI and WWII war dead were never Canadian citizens. For the Chinese, it makes them 'stateless registered aliens'.

November 11, 2014: Lost Canadians - The Revised History of Canadian Citizenship by Don Chapman - What's a lost Canadian?

It's a person who lost their citizenship because of old, discriminatory legislation.

He renders in heartbreaking detail the stories of Lost Canadians who’ve had their identities torn from them, thanks to labyrinthine legislation, bumbling bureaucracy, and disinterested politicians. December 1, 2014: Vancouver Observer - Lost Canadians file petition challenging federal government's interpretation of citizenship history - Federal Green Party leader Elizabeth May filed a petition today on behalf of the Lost Canadians, a citizenship advocacy group, challenging the federal government’s version of the history of Canadian citizenship.