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Detectives from Devon and Cornwall – including the force's anti-rape specialist – have held talks with police chiefs from each resort island, flying into to Zakynthos to exchange know-how on how to deal with binge-drinking and rowdiness.

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At that first meeting, three Town Constables were appointed.The Greece Police Department was housed at the Greece Town Hall until September 1975 when it moved to 400 Island Cottage Road.In January 2016 the Greece Police Department broke ground for a brand new headquarters located on the Town Hall Campus.But this year, the summer had barely begun before officials were on the brink of despair."We don't understand it," said Dionysios Komniotis, the Mayor of Laganas, Zakynthos's notorious "anything goes" resort.Younger women, on first their trips away, were especially vulnerable, the junior Foreign Office minister Chris Bryant said after holding "crisis talks" with officials in Athens.

More rapes involving British women occur in Greece than in any other holiday destination and many blame fellow Britons for the attacks.

In 1908 a 20 mile per hour speed limit was posted on West Ridge Road (for motor vehicles) and the Constables were empowered to "arrest speeding violators." The Town Constables were utilized from 1822 through 1932. Milton Carter was appointed the first Chief of Police along with three part-time Police Officers.

The Greece Police Department was housed in a room at the Barnard Fire Department from 1932 to the mid 1950s when the Greece Town Hall at 2505 West Ridge Road was renovated and enlarged and the Greece Police Department moved into the lower level.

The story has made headlines across the country with sympathetic editorials praising the "gutsy Cretan".

"She is seen as a modern day hero," said Theordoros Pakos, a senior police officer on Crete.

"We have found reps selling pills, drugs like ecstasy, to kids," one tourism official told The Independent on condition of anonymity.