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"And then they are found dead." Last year, 237 Britons were arrested on the Greek resort islands of Corfu, Crete, Kos, Rhodes and Zakynthos, helping to earn Britons an international reputation as the worst behaved tourists in the world.

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The visit, the first by UK police specialised in hooliganism, came as it surfaced that sexual assaults against British tourists on Greek islands were higher than official figures indicated.The Greece Police Department was housed at the Greece Town Hall until September 1975 when it moved to 400 Island Cottage Road.In January 2016 the Greece Police Department broke ground for a brand new headquarters located on the Town Hall Campus."Local authorities know that if they try to stop the mayhem they will have the entire tourism sector against them," said Mayor Vasilopoulos on Ithaki."I feel really sorry for mayors in some of the islands who truly want the best, who want to preserve the beauty of their ancestral lands, but are forced to tolerate the ugliness of cheap tourism." British consular staff in Greece, alarmed by the disproportionate number of arrests, rapes and accidents involving Britons, have to help about 1,500 people in distress each year."They roll off the plane drunk and then proceed to drink from morning to night.

They don't seem to want to enjoy our island, our culture, our hospitality.

"We have found reps selling pills, drugs like ecstasy, to kids," one tourism official told The Independent on condition of anonymity.

"The drug-dealing and drug-taking is partly to blame for the fatal accidents involving Britons that you see on our islands every year." Christina Tetradi, who heads the hoteliers' association on Zakynthos, goes further: "We've had cases of tourists thinking they can fly because they are in some altered state of mind due to drugs," she said.

Even worse, he said, some of Britain's biggest travel companies were not only "blackmailing" the local tourist industry but encouraging the wild inebriation of their clientele. We have told the operators straight, that we are not interested in such tourism," he said. Often tour company reps will encourage youngsters to drink as many drinks as they can on pub crawls because they are working to commission." Ninety per cent of the three million UK holidaymakers who visit Greece each year come on package tours.

Last summer, nine women on one tour were brought before a public prosecutor on Zakynthos after being accused of gross public indecency for allegedly participating in an oral sex "bonanza" on the island.

In 1908 a 20 mile per hour speed limit was posted on West Ridge Road (for motor vehicles) and the Constables were empowered to "arrest speeding violators." The Town Constables were utilized from 1822 through 1932. Milton Carter was appointed the first Chief of Police along with three part-time Police Officers.