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Dating seperated women

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It's a scenario that will be familiar to many couples.

A milestone which, in an age when two in five UK marriages will fail, millions of us will go through at some point in our lives.I have gained a new partner and two stepchildren, and our 'blended' family is more harmonious than anyone could have expected.My ex-husband, who is a media consultant, has 'moved on' to a perfectly ordered and elegant bachelor apartment and a social life (with a series of ever-younger girlfriends) that is the envy of his old married friends.When my husband and I parted, my view of divorce was simplistic.I believed in the notion of divorce as a clean break and imagined a 'fresh start' would solve all my problems.Indeed, in many ways, divorce is given a more positive spin in our confused modern world than marriage is.

The drawbacks of divorce are believed to be mostly either financial - as if the splitting up of the spoils of a life together were the very worst part of the process - or the fallout experienced by the children.

Little is ever said about the longer-term effects of divorce on the couple.

No one ever points out that the repercussions of a marital split will reverberate down the timeline of your life forever.

They are unsatisfactory no matter how hard we try; whether my partner and I attempt - as we have on several occasions - to unite our new and old lives or agree to simply be apart for the 'sake' of our children.

Now, for example, we spend Christmas apart - each ensconced with our children and ex-partners - which causes huge tension between us and has made us both dread the annual celebrations.

My cousin's marriage, which has lasted for 25 years, is by no means perfect - what marriage is?