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He worked for a year as the film archivist for the Variety Arts Center.

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He joined the Shakespeare Festival of Dallas in 1976, performing in numerous productions.Moving to New York City in 1979, Beaver worked steadily onstage in stock and on tour, simultaneously writing plays and researching a biography of actor George Reeves (a project which he still pursues between acting jobs).He appeared in starring roles in such plays as The Hasty Heart and The Rainmaker in Birmingham, Alabama and The Lark in Manchester, New Hampshire, and toured the country as Macduff in Macbeth and in The Last Meeting of the Knights of the White Magnolia.Following basic training at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, Beaver was trained there as a microwave radio relay technician.He served at the Marine Corps Base Twentynine Palms and at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton before being transferred to the 1st Marine Division near Da Nang, South Vietnam in 1970. in 1971 and was discharged as Corporal (E-4), though he remained active in the Marine Reserve until 1976.He also played Whitney Ellsworth on the HBO Western drama series Deadwood, a starring role which brought him acclaim and a Screen Actors Guild Awards nomination for Ensemble Acting after three decades of supporting work in films and TV.

He also portrayed Sheriff Shelby Parlow on the FX series Justified.

Beaver made his professional stage debut in October 1972, while still a college student, in Rain, from W.

Somerset Maugham's short story, at the Oklahoma Theatre Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

He served as a radio operator at an outlying detachment of the 1st Marine Regiment, then as supply chief for the division communications company. Upon his release from active duty in 1971, Beaver returned to Irving, and worked briefly for Frito-Lay as a corn-chip dough mixer.

He entered what is now Oklahoma Christian University, where he became interested in theatre.

During this period, he ghostwrote the book Movie Blockbusters for critic Steven Scheuer.