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Not every Polish girl is like this as there are new Poles who are as bad or worse than the US and will divorce you or not date you if you are not making money.But generally Polish dating is all about marriage and having a family.

If you are a worker you will be about 20% poor than in the USA.Unless you live in a city, every Polish person I know has a small piece of land and they grow something.Being a good human and Christian is the focus of most unless you are one of these new rich metro men.The first thing you will notice about Poland is life is sweeter.You do not make as much money or have all the niceties of living in the US or UK but life has a quality all its own. If you have ever seen the movie ‘Kate and Leopold’, you have the idea.Economics of Poland The first thing people ask is what is it like in terms of the economy. Well Poland is a modern EU country that left communism a quarter of a century ago.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit you can make as much money as you want in Poland.

That is the reality because Poland had the war and communism. Further, Poles get around the system a lot so what they report might not be the reality. It will take until about 2025 until Poland is on par with the West in terms of worker. If you are marriage in Poland you wife will stand by your side and be very loyal.

But in terms of managers and business owners, except for the extremes it is already there, actually higher as reported in the Economist magzine. She will not care about money and it would be considered gouache to focus on such things.

Working at job is harder you need to have concrete skills.

If you are an entrepreneur or a manager you will be richer than your counterparts in London or New York if you factor in the Polish standard of living and lifestyle.

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