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Dating storm lake

All of that traffic is giving Baraboo's economy a boost.Between the kayaking, fishing, hiking and camping, it's easy to see why Devil's Lake is a Wisconsin staple.

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“Although we have had snow, not like this, so people are not used to it. “We didn’t have to, but my husband wanted to, and he thought it was an adventure,” Dorler said.It's on track right now to have more than three million visitors this year.While the park is seeing record visitors, downtown Baraboo is as well."Certainly having that amount of visitors at a state park that's three miles from downtown Baraboo has to impact it, and it does," Mayor Mike Palm said."And it impacts it in a very positive way." Palm said the downtown has flourished over recent years with very few business vacancies.In late fall and early winter, cold air pours over the relatively warm lake waters, picking up moisture and depositing it downwind as snow.

But the heaviest snow usually falls away from the immediate lakeshore, where higher elevation helps to squeeze out the most moisture.

Erie Pennsylvania snowfall record was shattered in the past 24 hours where OVER 53 inches of snow has fallen53 inches❄️let that sink in ❄️ — Salena Zito (@Salena Zito) December 26, 2017 A historic snowfall for #Erie. I’ve spent a couple hours just getting close to being able to get out, with more snow falling.

#erielive So8e2Is W — Doug Oathout (@ETNoathout) December 26, 2017 According to the National Weather Service, Erie received 34 inches on Christmas Day, easily topping their previous 24-hour snowfall record.

It’s also relatively rare for the most intense snow bands to remain parked over one area for an extended period.

This time, the snow band stalled along the shoreline, clogging streets in Erie with mounds of snow.

After another 19 inches piled up from midnight through 7 a.m.