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Christian speed dating ideas

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Note how difficult it is to read God’s Word without being forced to read Swaggart’s commentary.

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The work is purportedly based upon the King James Version, however the actual biblical text of the Expositor’s Study Bible has been altered by Swaggart and is not a pure King James Version. Modern bible versions often use capitalization to signify deity, such as the word “He” will be in capitals if it refers to God or Jesus. The original King James Version does not use this signifier.It should be obvious to any Christian the heretical nature of this teaching and that, if embraced, would bring one to have a lower regard for the Scripture and instead pay more attention to Jimmy Swaggart; the prophet with a new revelation. The following excerpts are from the Swaggart Bible, Romans Chapter 7.Note how Swaggart alleges that Paul, as a Christian, could not stop sinning because he did not have a basic understanding of the cross: The Apostle Paul Did Not Understand the Cross This is the most dangerous tenet of Swaggartism: That Paul, the author of most of the New Testament, did not understand one of the most basic elements of Christianity; Christ’s substitutionary atonement on the cross and how that applies to our lives.And that theorem takes one into the realm of cultic delusion.It should be noted also that it is a fact of history that the Epistle to the Romans was written by Paul at least ten years after his conversion.I believe His body is in one place at one time, wherever that may be.”[3] This is clearly unbiblical.

Jesus taught that It should be noted that Swaggart’s concocted term “spirit body” is an oxymoron.

Commentary Added in the Midst of Holy Scripture A disturbing characteristic is that Swaggart has not put his notes on the side or bottom of the page as all other commentaries do, but has placed his comments right in the text itself so that it is impossible to read the Bible without reading his intrusive commentary with every sentence.

Many people feel this is an intentional arrogant elevation of Swaggart’s comments to make them on a par with scripture.

Let us now summarize Swaggart’s teachings in the above passages: Those five allegations are made by Swaggart in the above passages.

Look them over carefully and see that such is indeed what Swaggart claims.

There are only two ways: One, he perceived it from reading the writings of these men in the Bible, or two, it was revealed to him by God.