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And the only thing they could come up with is that anything definite you can say about God must be supported by its paradoxical opposite.

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The force of his passion when he's talking about things that make him angry can be a mite scary: he begins to clip his words off, curl his lips back over his teeth and close sentences with "pal."Jack Nicholson doesn't have a lot of competition as the modern movie star for Americas everyman, a man who does his work spectacularly well largely without indulging in the pomposities and fits of temperament associated with other great movie actors.

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Do you see a link between these new multiplex cinemas with their tiny screens and the banality of the studio film product?

The world is going to miss the movie-going experience.

A cook is at work in the kitchen, and Annie Marshall, Nicholson's longtime pal and administrative assistant, who is the daughter of the late actor Herbert Marshall, fields calls in a study nearby.