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But to me, they are no different than Notre Dame last year, which proved they didn’t belong anywhere near the city Miami, let alone in the same stadium as Alabama. They’re a lot better and would at least compete, but they wouldn’t win. That same BC team game Florida State a scare a week earlier when they had them down 17-3 at one point.Clemson is a legitimate team that we will further find out what they’re made of Saturday night when they play red hot #5 Florida State.

Regardless of records, that game is likely to go down to the wire.The Cardinal will be a hungry bunch on life support knowing that if they lose, they’re conference championship and national championship hopes will be all but gone. Wisconsin, Northwestern and Michigan will be the only three that were ranked at one point in time and none were ever in the top 10.If Oregon survives that game, they’ll still face a stiff task in having to play UCLA in the PAC 12 championship game. I fully expect OSU to run the table, win the conference championship and be undefeated at season’s end.There are still a good number of undefeated teams out there, many on a collision course with one another within conference play or through the conference championship game.And then there are the one loss and even some two loss schools hoping for a chance to still make it into the cash cow that we have come to know as the Bowl Championship Series of games.They have two games to circle on the wagon to include LSU on November 9th and Auburn on November 30th. If you like fast guys and a lot of scoring, this is your team.

If they can survive both of those, they’ll likely be too tough for the SEC East team that makes it to the conference championship game. Oregon is a high octane as it gets and their offense has shown no signs of weakness whatsoever.

Then there was the 2004 Auburn Tigers team that went 13-0 that was on the outside looking in as USC defeated Oklahoma for the BCS national title.

All three teams finished the regular season undefeated.

If it all pans out the way that Saban wants it to, they’ll play for it all. Oregon: Record 6-0 I know this is off the subject but have you seen the special on Oregon and its facilities? I will argue that this is the best team from top to bottom that Oregon has EVER put on the field. If you are a Big Ten fan, I apologize if this offends you but sometimes we all have to keep it real with ourselves.

Just note: Bama has only gone undefeated once, and that was back in 2009. If they lose this year, they may not be so lucky to make it to the BCS championship game, even if they still claim the SEC title. They are just scary good and I could go on and on talking about them but it all comes down to this: Can they beat #13 Stanford at Stanford on Thursday, November 7th when the entire nation will be tuned in. Would they win and go undefeated in the SEC or the PAC 12. By the time the season ends, OSU likely will be able to look back at their schedule and see that none of the opponents they faced are still ranked.

But should Clemson survive FSU, it first will have to guard against the slip up against a subpar opponent that they seem to be all too prone to over the past few years. Florida State: Record 5-0 How hot is Frosh QB Jameis Winston?