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The good thing for them is that they’ll get 3 weeks to prepare for their bowl game matchup.

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They still have a good Maryland team right after FSU that is very capable of beating them if they have a hangover from the week before. He is completing 73 percent of his passes and has 17 TDs already. In a game that was mildly anticipated, they dismantled a Maryland team that was undefeated and ranked 25th in the country with a score of 63-0. We don’t know if they can keep it up but they are off to a darn good start.Then there was the 2004 Auburn Tigers team that went 13-0 that was on the outside looking in as USC defeated Oklahoma for the BCS national title.All three teams finished the regular season undefeated.There was the 2003 season that failed to produce a consensus national champion as LSU claimed the BCS championship and Coaches Poll vote while USC claimed the AP vote as champion.So there ended up being co-champions and both schools would argue that they are the true champion for that year.Though the BCS system has worked out for many years, if I had to argue against it, it’d be because it takes into account the human element of the polls and that it encourages style points, which are largely unnecessary at times.

But since we will have somewhat of a playoff next year, the BCS is only relevant for few more months.

However, after that, in consecutive weeks, Miami plays #5 Florida State and #19 Virginia Tech. Next up: At North Carolina (Thursday night’s game on ESPN) Louisville: Record 6-0 Louisville is much like Ohio State.

Should they survive that stretch, it will be on to the ACC championship game in a game against Clemson or a rematch with Florida State. They are a superior team playing against a subpar schedule in which they will hardly be tested.

Could this be the year of a perfect storm of undefeated teams at the end of the season? It never works out that way, but it’s always fun to look at the scenarios. Alabama: Record 6-0 Of course I’ll start out talking about the Tide. They are the team that gets the best effort from each team they face and they seem to find a way to win.

It may not be pretty or high octane, but they play good football and it speaks to why they have been the BCS champs the past 3 out of 4 seasons.

The game has championship and Heisman race implications tied to it and should make for the game of the year to this point.