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Delicious network not updating

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Of course, no network is perfect, and even this one has its share of flaws.And though I'd say they're greatly outweighed by the positives, I don't think I'd be able to sleep at night feeling I'd shortchanged you in any way, shape, or form. Despite the steamy stills, all-star cast-list, and and awesome collection of sites, the first thing that really jumped out to me about the main members area was how plain and, dare I say, old-fashioned the layout looked.

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Now that I'm home, whenever I try with my home router or I even tried it at my girlfriends home, and even a personal hotspot from my mobile, is that the network driver installed keeps randomly disappearing, it has a yellow icon next to it telling me that the driver is not functioning/working properly.Hello, I'm Simon, I'm a computer science student at university and I'm at the end of my technical ability to fix the wireless connection on my new laptop.I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge to help me with this limited problem, I've dived deep through the internet and hardly anyone has these driver problems but me..If you have more than a passing interest in interracial porn, then you'd be doing yourself a great disservice by not having a membership at Dogfart.They've been the king of the mountain since the late '90s, and so far as I can tell, nobody is going to be knocking them off the top any time soon.And believe you me watching real stunners, the kinds of gals who should have actually done something with their lives, eat his ass and lick his silly little balls is probably the hottest thing you'll ever witness. But the best thing of all is, unlike most large networks especially the few with content going back this far each and every single one of these sites still updates on a monthly basis.

Needless to say, that adds up to a whole hell of a lot of content.

Take, for example, Cum Bang, a site where über-hot Nubian babes are banged by musclebound white men decked out in Rebel flag regalia.

Then you've got your solo girl sites, featuring starlettes like Katie Thomas and Candy Monroe.

Of course, impressive numbers, even quality content, just aren't enough to hook folks anymore.

No, you need high-quality video and fast downloads. The more recent updates are available in multiple, 720p HD formats.

And with regular, network-wide updates, those numbers will only continue grow.