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The dispatcher did advise there was a Christopher Vega with that date of birth and two outstanding warrants, one of which was a No Bond warrant from the U. Koshinski reports that he then removed Vega from the car and removed a folding knife from his belt and was in the process of placing handcuffs on him when Vega took off.Koshinski reports deploying his Taser, striking Vega in the back from about 10 feet.

Tools gone Officer Glenn Koshinski responded to a report of the theft of an airless painter and air compressor in the 100 block of Embdy Road Sept. The victim reported someone had entered the residence and taken the items the previous evening or that morning.Lothridge said Granado told him that he and the guy were going to fight that night and Granado wanted Lothridge there to insure the fight was one-on-one.Along the way, Ruidoso Downs Police officer Martin Valenzuela stopped them and ran a check on the AK-47 rifle they had in the car.Frost reports it appeared someone used a rock to scratch the paint on the cars.Under the bleachers Officer Steve Corbin located and returned a lost wallet Sept. The victim reported losing the wallet at Horton Field.Transporting without permit Valerie Scott appeared in Magistrate Court Sept.

24, and pled no contest to a charge of transporting livestock without inspection papers.

Koshinski reports he then identified himself as Michael Vega and gave a date of birth.

Ruidoso Police Department dispatch advised that there was no record of a Michael Vega with that birth date. When asked for hi social security number, Vega said he did not know it, but the woman provided Koshinski with the last four, which matched Christopher Vega.

Martin cited Iris Mortensen, 21, for possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Martin reports he did not arrest the boyfriend because Mortensen insisted that he did not push her.

Corbin went to the field located the wallet and returned it with the cash and contents intact.